10 Reasons Why You Might Be A Scrooge

December 20th, 2012

10 reason why you might be a scroogeWhen the infamous “Season to be Jolly” comes along, do you go into “Scrooge” mode? What is it about the month of December and Christmas time that makes you say “Bah! Humbug?” Is it really just you, or is it something else? Tell me if anything in the list below fits the bill and turns you into a scrooge during Christmas.

10 Reasons Why You Might Be A Scrooge!

  1. You’re Poor. This would be my number one pick at why most people might be a scrooge during Christmas time. During a time of giving, it’s not much fun to be the one that isn’t financially able to give. P.S. You can change that HERE. Read the rest of this entry »

10 Mistakes of Home Business Owners

July 1st, 2009

money home businessYes, if you are currently in a home based business, you are a business owner. You own and operate your own successful or unsuccessful business right out of your home office. For some, that home office can be where ever their feet take them, just as long as they have their phone. For others, it’s right at home in their office.

So what do business owners do? Well, they do business, and doing business means that they make money! Now, in a home business, it is just as easy to make money as it is to “not” make money. It takes the same amount of effort to succeed as it does to fail. The difference between success and failure is smaller than you think. Very small actions taken during the day, every single day, will move you closer to or farther from success.

Here are ten mistakes home business owners make that will obviously move them closer to failure:

  1. They give themselves a back door, a quit date, an ultimatum or an excuse.
  2. They treat it like a hobby instead of a business. When I think of a successful business owner, I think of someone who is his business. He is always thinking and looking for ways to increase his business. When I think of someone with a hobby, they tend to get to it when they have a little extra time. I can tell you this much, unless your home business is a priority, it will fail and produce “hobby” income.
  3. They play small. They place a little tiny ad, they market a little bit, they call a few people, they don’t think big enough. Their decisions are most likely being driven by fear, instead of ambition.
  4. Half invest themselves. In most network marketing opportunities, there are income levels. If you are not playing at the highest level you can, you are playing small. You can’t catch the BIG fish by fishing in the two foot wide aquarium.
  5. Don’t use the products. This is huge! I know in my business, I suggest to everyone I choose to mentor, to purchase the products. Purchase whatever products you would like to be paid for. Know your product! A Nike shoe salesman better have owned and used a pair of the shoes he is selling. Otherwise, he is going to look a little foolish when someone asks about the product.
  6. Inconsistency. It takes more than a few drops in a storm to soak a driveway. Instead of working their business, doing income producing activities every single day, they choose to skip it here or there. Skip your business, skip your goals!
  7. Play the blame game. It’s their mentors fault, the companies fault, the compensation plans fault or their teams fault that they haven’t had the success they came here for. Personal responsibility is a myth.
  8. Don’t follow the system. This is called “re-inventing the wheel.” In other words, thinking that their way is better. The system is in place because it works. Why re-invent something that isn’t broken.
  9. They are dishonest. You have all heard of the term, “fake it til you make it.” In my eyes, that’s a lie. Standing in front of that Mercedes and that huge home, all of which belongs to someone else, is dishonest. If it’s not yours, don’t claim that it is.
  10. Failure to mastermind. There is no other industry in the world that operates like Network Marketing. You don’t see McDonalds willing to share their marketing techniques with Burger King. Home business owners, yes that’s you, are willing to share with others the things they are doing to create success. Believe it or not, this part of the system.

Do you see? It takes just as much effort to not do things as it does to do things. Yes, you may miss a few of your favorite TV shows on your trip to success, but what would you rather have….an evening with House or an American Idol or a successful home business? One provides you with time freedom, financial freedom and a lifestyle of your design. The other is just a pastime.

Don’t fall short of the goal by making these simple, yet devastating mistakes. You are a business owner. Act like one!

Top 10 Limiting Beliefs of Prosperity

March 4th, 2009

beliefThere are certain limiting beliefs that we all have grown to learn, whether forced to learn or picked up along our journey in life that act as a wall, or a block to success. These beliefs might have come from our parents while in our childhood. They could have been ingrained because of something that happened to or around us. These beliefs may have even been learned by watching TV or going to school. Wherever they may have originated they are limiting, restrictive and extremely harmful to excelling and experiencing a life of pure freedom.

I have compiled a list of ten of the top limiting beliefs that have plagued the minds of people around the globe and have limited their abilities. Now, since I teach people how to create wealth in a Home Business, these are limiting beliefs that would block success and prosperity.

  1. The belief that you don’t deserve wealth, abundance and prosperity, or a good life, or all that you have wanted.
  2. The belief that you are not worth the amount of wealth or success you desire.
  3. The belief that you have to choose between two of your wants or goals and that you can’t have it all.
  4. The belief that the way to get ahead is “by the sweat of your brow.” This is an old timer belief. Hard work doesn’t necessarily include long hours. It means focus and leverage!
  5. The belief that you can only make good money in a good economy or in the perfect conditions.
  6. The belief that someone else who has the results you want is any different or any more deserving than you. The only difference is time and knowledge. Wealth and success is not for everyone else, it is for you! You deserve to be rich and successful just as much as the David Allreds, the Donald Trumps and the Michael Jordans of this world.
  7. The belief that bad things always happen to you or that nothing good or spectacular will ever happen to you.
  8. The belief that the way your parents created success is the way you are going to create your success. Sometimes the way to get ahead in life is to get a good education, find a good job and work until retirement. This is not always the right choice. Just ask the door greeter at Walmart! Most pensions and retirement plans are not worth twenty or thirty years of your life!
  9. The belief that your circumstance or background dictates who you are. Just because your parents are poor, their parents were poor, and their parents’ parents were poor does not mean that you will be. Your stars are never permanent. They can be created or changed to your liking!
  10. The belief that there is only so much money in the world and the poor are poor because the wealthy people have all the money.

There you have it. My top ten. If there are any others you feel I missed, I would like to hear about them. Also, expect me to elaborate over the next week or two on each of these and why they are so harmful to your successful mindset!

10 Reasons Why A Home Based Business!

January 15th, 2009

profilepicsmallThousands of people start a Home Based Business every single day! Thousands! Why? What makes a Home Based Business so attractive and where are all these people coming from?

Before getting too far into the perks of a Home Based Business, let’s do a quick analysis of the competition:

  1. A J.O.B. – A job really doesn’t even hold a candle to a Home Based Business but people will actually choose a good paying job instead of a Home Business. Why? A false sense of security, a regular paycheck and much less risk. Don’t forget, you also get 2 weeks of paid vacation and a bonus check here and there.
  2. A Franchise – Franchises are the closest thing to a Home Based Business in the fact that  they have a system already in place. The downfall to a franchise is the franchise rules, the large start-up costs, and the continued franchise fees. To start a McDonalds a person has to have a net worth of a million dollars with half of that being liquid. You can make 6 figures with a McD’s but must deal with employees, long hours, complaints, etc. You get the picture.
  3. Brick and Mortar Business – For anyone who has no clue of what a brick and mortar business is, allow me to explain….it is any other regular mom and pop business. Clear? With these, there are no systems to follow, larger start-up costs, employees, etc. In order to have true success in these businesses, you must buy one that is already successful, have a great business plan or plenty of funding until you are profitable. Most mom and pop businesses are not profitable until 3 – 5 years after starting. 90% of all businesses fail within their 3rd year. It is a sad statistic I know, but true!
  4. Work at home JOB – These are the transcripts, letter mailing, answering emails, taking surveys type of work. They are not your own business and the pay is minimal for the hours of work invested. You can make a little extra money though, enough to pay for an extra tank of gas or something of that nature!

Human nature is to flourish, excel, succeed and to live a life of luxury. A job definitely isn’t the answer nor a work at home job. Franchises and mom and pop businesses can provide this on a larger scale but at what cost? What would it take to get there? Is your family the one that has to pay for your success?

People are turning towards a Home Based Business because:

  1. There is a system to follow. No guesswork is involved.
  2. The compensation in specific business models is unparalleled in any other type of business opportunity.
  3. The initial investment to start a home based business is extremely low for the income potential.
  4. Complete control over your work schedule. Work when you want!
  5. A Home Based Business is mobile. Take it with you on vacation and make money while gone or just work from home!
  6. No stocking, warehousing or pre-purchasing products or inventory.
  7. Direct mentoring from other successful Home Based Business Entrepreneurs.
  8. Residual and passive income streams!
  9. Most have a proven track history of success.
  10. Freedom and complete control of your time as an Entrepreneur.

Little else compares to having your own Home Based Business. It all just depends on what you’re looking for in your life…..time freedom with the income, just the income, or neither. I think the choice is obvious!

10 Painful Situations Avoided by Being an Entrepreneur

December 17th, 2008

I had fun thinking of all the things that drove me nuts with having a job. It has been over 4 years since I was in a J.O.B and Just Over Broke. I was recently visiting my brother and we were having a conversation about him coming and visiting for New Years. He mentioned to me that his employer requires him to work for an entire year before he will be allowed to take a day off! So with all that said, I am going to rate that as the top situation avoided by being an Entrepreneur!

  1. Your Employer or Boss requiring you to work an entire year before taking one day off! You teach people how to treat you and then allow them to do so. If you allow this to happen, you are more wacko than I thought. Yes, I just called my brother a Wacko!
  2. “So…why is it that you feel you deserve a raise?” This line drove me nuts even though I only had the privilege of hearing it once a year at most. Basically, you are being asked how much you feel you are worth! My answer: “More than you can afford!” Anything less than that would be settling, tucking your tail between your legs, and taking it up the ‘you know what!’ Always trying to prove my worth was annoying.
  3. “Ummm…We’re thinking about laying you off!” Ouch! My Brother-in-law got this line just the other day. They actually offered him a voluntary lay-off instead, basically meaning, 6 weeks of pay and 6 months of benefits. Pathetic severance package huh!?
  4. “I want you here 5 minutes early every day, so that you can be ready to work at 8!” You know what I had to say to my boss, “As long as I am clocked in before 8 am, I am ON TIME!” Did that tick him off? Yes! Did he do anything about it? No!
  5. Ummm….I feel that my employees are not dressing professionally enough. Can you dress nicer?” My Mother-in-law got this one last week. The sad thing, it’s not directed towards her. It was for her co-worker who comes to work in an accounting office in a skirt, mountain boots, and flannel jacket! I wish I had a twitpic for you all to see that image!
  6. Getting told when to go to lunch everyday. This wouldn’t be so bad if lunch time was at the same time every day, but instead, you get a 15 minute notice!
  7. “Thanks for all you have done this year but, due to the economy, you won’t be getting a Christmas bonus this year! Instead, I am giving you all a ham!” This actually happened to me, but what he was really saying is, “My wife wants a BMW for Christmas so I took it out on you!”
  8. Getting hurt on the job, bleeding from a gash in your head, while your boss shops around trying to find the best deal on getting it fixed! I can understand always finding the best deal but come one! You have an employee bleeding to death while you try to save $50.00!
  9. The entire application process! What attributes or qualities do you have that would make you a good employee? “Uh, because I am a team player, I work well with others, and am a go-getter!” That was my most used answer. Say that and you are guaranteed to get hired everytime!
  10. Working your butt off for an entire year to get your face put up on the wall with the quotes, “Employee of the Year!” On top of that, working an entire year to get a pat on the back or a little recognition from your supervisor or boss, guys, it’s not worth it!

The truth of the matter is, I can’t stand to work with others if they are morons, I am only a good team player if I am playing on the team I choose and I am a go-getter for me and those I care for, not for a boss. I just want the bi-weekly check!

I think I could come up with at least 10 more on my own. What situations, phrases, or things have you been able to avoid or want to avoid by your choice to become an Entrepreneur?

10 Awesome ways to Fire Your Boss!

September 15th, 2007

There is a point that some people reach in their careers that truly sets them apart from the rest of the herd. This point came for me after I had been an employee for about 10 years. The resounding difference that occurred in me was the fact that I had outgrown my employer. I was done with making someone else rich while I made pennies. I was done being the slave to a job that I despised. I flat out outgrew my employer and everything he had to offer.

So I had a choice! I could either find another job and dedicate the next 10 years to that job, and then do it all over again, or I could become an entrepreneur and live life on my terms. Hmmmmmm…..tough decision right?

The best decision you could make for you and for your future would be to fire your boss and work for yourself. The only difference would be, well, there are a ton of them so I won’t mention them here.

  1. So, number one all time favorite ways of mine to fire your boss is to rip off your shirt, throw it on the ground and say, “I QUIT!” That was the way I did it and I highly recommend it! Very fun. Most effective when you have an undershirt or another shirt to wear.
  2. Walk in to your boss and ask for a raise. You may get into the usual conversation of him asking you why you feel you deserve a raise. Turn the conversation back on him and ask him why he feels he deserves to have you as an employee. Just mess with his head. After his response, which might not be a good one, tell him he is fired and walk out of his office.
  3. Again, go to your boss and ask him for a raise. Again, you may get the usual questions along the lines of why you fell like you deserve to get a raise. He may even ask you how much you think you are worth, or how much he should pay you. Tell him $2,000 a day, and by the way, you now only have a 4 hour work day! In the last 30 days, that is what I have made, except I only work 3 hours a day, Monday – Thursday.
  4. Go up to your boss and tell him that you are going to start working out of your home office and to not plan on seeing you around much anymore. This is more to just see what his reaction will be. Be persistent and serious with him. Then mention that you will be working for yourself and not him.
  5. Come in late one day and say, “Apologize for being late. I had to deposit my $14,000 check at the bank before I came in to quit. PEACE SUCKA!
  6. Just tell your boss that you can really no longer afford to work for him and that he is losing you money. Then give him your business card and walk out.
  7. Tell your boss that your time is too precious to spend away from those you care about. I run a very successful home business. That means I am at home, with my family, working only three hours a day.
  8. Throw yourself a going away party the day you plan on leaving your job. Make sure all your co-workers know about it and let it be a surprise to your boss.
  9. Tell your boss that today is your last day and volunteer to stay the two weeks just to be polite. But then reiterate that today is your last day! He will be a little confused.
  10. Just walk in and say that you have started a successful home business and say, “You’re fired!”

So there you have it. If you have any other sweet ways or ideas of how to fire your boss, post a comment and we will see how many good ones we can come up with. Seriously though, the day I fired my boss was the best day of my working career! Be smart though. Don’t just fire your boss if you aren’t self-employed and part of a business opportunity that is profitable enough to do so. I can definitely help you in that arena! So, fire you boss! Let someone else be the employee.

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