Describe Your Life in One Word

January 29th, 2010

Describe your life in one word

Facebook is such a great resource for positive people. I absolutely love being surrounded by such optimistic, ambitious people. It makes my journey in life so much easier, as I am sure most of you can agree. Here recently I asked “Which one word would you use to describe your life right now?” and I received some great responses. Honestly, I wasn’t sure of the answers I would get to that question. I thought the majority of the answers would have been average answers, such as, “crappy, monotonous, stagnant, interesting, lame…etc,” I think you get the point. But I was positively surprisedĀ  at the response. As you can see to the right, most of the words are positive and motivating.

In fact, most of the people that responded to my question are Entrepreneurs in some way, shape or form. I have worked with many of them. I have seen their lifestyle and they speak truth in their “one word.”

Describe your life in one word

In the past I have asked that same question to people and could tell they were lying through their teeth as they told me their life was wonderful. That’s the worst thing anyone could do. It’s not the fact that they lied to me….the true damage is that they actually only lied to themselves. If your life is a wreck, admit it. Accept the truth…and after you do, set course to change it. One of my mentors, Jim Rohn, spoke about affirmations being a joke. It doesn’t do anyone any good to tell yourself that you are “Skinny and beautiful” when you are 600 lbs and can’t remember the last time you took a shower or brushed your teeth. There must be action behind the belief. To say your life is “Fantastic” when it is truly in shambles is more damaging then not.

Now what you can do is affirm the actions you are taking. That’s a true affirmation. As you are exercising, eating healthy, practicing regular hygiene and learning how to put on make-up, you can definitely affirm that you are “becoming thinner and more beautiful.”

As the common phrase puts it,”Keep it Real!”…..and as Shakespeare put it, just a bit more elegantly, “To thine own self be true.”

Can, Can’t, Will or Try

May 20th, 2009

In previous posts I have written a little about empowering language and how it effects your results in life. I last wrote about profanity and how disempowering it is to use it, much less be on the receiving end of it. If you really think about the times profanity is used the most, it is when people are frustrated, angry, lost, offended, scared or intimidated. Which of those feelings do you wish to operate in regularly? None I hope! Normally, when someone is happy, feeling ambitious, on top of the world, full of joy and otherwise successful, profanity is seldom to be found.

Let’s take a look at four simple words and how to improve your language by not using two of them:

  • Can
  • Can’t
  • Will
  • Try

How many times, for you parents, do you hear your children say, “I can’t” during the day? I know for us, it used to be a regular part of their vocabulary. We had to nip it in the bud quickly because if it stays there, it can have a huge effect on their accomplishments throughout their lifetime.

Instead of stating what you can’t do, simply state what you can do. “Can” is brought forth by action, “can’t” is merely saying you won’t or that you don’t believe you can. Now we all know that the more you repeat something in your mind, the more it tends to stick. If you don’t believe that, you’re in for a rude awakening one day. The more someone uses words like ‘can’t,’ the more it enters your mind and eventually, you won’t be able to do a lot of things because you have repetitively told your mind that you ‘can’t.’ Can you picture a person of action using ‘can’t’ very often?

Now, have you ever had a party at your home and invited some friends or family to come but when asked, they gave you the standard, “I’ll try?” I think we all have. Now what they’re really telling you is no. Saying that you will try to do something is basically saying that it is the last thing on your priority list. If there’s absolutely nothing else going on in the world that you can possibly do, then you will try to do this thing.

Really there should only be “will or won’t,” “yes or no.” Saying you “will” is a commitment. Saying you’ll “try” is avoiding a commitment.

Think of the most successful person you have ever known. Do you see them using ‘can’t’ or ‘try’ very often? Probably not. A persn of action CAN and WILL.

“Because” is an Excuse!

March 11th, 2009

noexcusesAs I study different people and look at the results they are having in their life I notice that a lot of their success or failure stems from their language. You may not think so but by adjusting your language, in your mind and that which comes out of your mouth, can make a huge difference in your results. I know you have all heard of the phrase, “Do as I say not as I do!” That is the dumbest phrase! If those words have come out of your mouth before, your life may not be going as smoothly as it could, and you know what? It’s all your fault.

The correct phrase is “Do as I do!” Surprisingly, most people do as they say and you can see a pattern in people’s speech that will determine what they do. There are so many words that can be switched around or not used at all. For this post, I am going to call attention to the word “because.”

“Because” most of the time, is an excuse word. I can’t go to the store because……

Quick story: I assist people is creating wealth from home right? Well, occasionally I will speak with people who have huge income goals. They want to make millions and want it to happen right now. I present to them a business that has 7 figure income potential. The cost to get started is very minimal compared to the income they will make. Now tell me if you have ever heard this line: “I can’t get started because…..I have no money, I am living paycheck to paycheck, all my income goes to bills, I can’t afford to!” It all starts with “I can’t because.” Having no money is just an excuse. If they really wanted to get started and if they really wanted their millions, a small start up fee would not deter them in any way.

By using “because” in a negative way just means that you have only made a choice. You have chosen to be a victim of your circumstance and are allowing something else effect your choices. Money issues, sickness, schedules, school, friends, family, time, etc…they are all the same. Anything can get in the way of you achieving success. My goals include my family and friends because I allow them to be included in a certain way and still have control over that. The same applies to everything else.

Take a look at your vocabulary. Do you use the word “because” a lot? Is is being used as an excuse or is it empowering?

Empowering: “I am successful because I chose to be, or I did this or I did that.” That is positive and is used in a way that I can control. It’s not used selfishly if you are deserving. Credit is due.

Not Empowering: “I am successful because the stock market turned for the better, or luck came my way, or I won the lottery.” Those are all things you have no control over.

Excuse: “We lost the game because John missed that shot. I can’t make millions because I can’t afford to start a business. I am broke and unemployed because of the economy. I can’t market on the internet because I don’t know how!” All of these are ways “because” can aid in your excuses.

Take an inventory on your vocabulary and use words to empower yourself and I promise you that you will see a tremendous difference in your life.

Stop settling and start living! No excuses!