Bad at Managing Your Money? Try eccount.

January 15th, 2014

eccount moneyGood news! If you’re having trouble keeping track of where your hard earned money is going, there are alternatives to traditional banking which can help you with your budgeting.

With the digital way the world manages money and bank account balances, banking has never been easier. Budgeting has never been easier.

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Adding a Photobucket Image to your AWeber Broadcast Email

November 26th, 2013

For those of you who are using AWeber to capture and store your captured email addresses, here’s a quick tutorial on using Photobucket to host the images you use in your email broadcasts.

I recently received a “How-to” request from my team within the Empower Network asking for instructions on adding an image to their broadcast email from Photobucket.

So, instead of explaining it through an email or a Skype desk share, I decided to record a quick tutorial video and make a blog post out of it.

Here’s the written word (instructions), followed by my quick video tutorial.

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Three Blogs, YouTube, Social Sharing – First Page Domination

January 31st, 2013

A few days ago, I published a blog post titled, “The immediate marketing power of YouTube.” Well, I want to show you how to absolutely dominate the first page search results of Google for niche key phrases. It’s a lot easier than you might think and requires just a basic knowledge of SEO.

Three Blogs, a YouTube Video and Social Networks Equals First Page Domination

Dominate search results above the foldIf you take a look at the image I’ve posted within the content here, you’ll notice that I have claimed all the search engine listings above the fold, which are typically the first five or six listings. And when I use the term “above the fold,” it simply means everything you immediately see when you land on a web page. Everything that can only be seen by scrolling is considered to be below the fold.

My properties being listed are three blogs: one from my Empower Network business, my wife’s blog and this blog. I also have a YouTube video in the listings as well as some social profile linking throughout the rest of the results below the fold. The YouTube video ranked number two in the SERP’s within a few minutes of uploading it to my YouTube channel.

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The Immediate Marketing Power of YouTube

January 28th, 2013

YouTube MarketingIf you are marketing your business online and have not yet tapped into YouTube, it’s time to start. In this quick post, you’ll learn of the immediate marketing power of YouTube, why you should be using it to grow your business and a few handy tips I use with my videos.

Obviously, in order to utilize YouTube, you’ve got to produce videos, and if you want to be seen as a professional, you’ll want to make sure those videos are recorded in HD, or high definition. Most newer computers come pre-intalled with HD cameras and most cell phones do as well. If your computer is a few years old, check the resolution of the video just to be sure.

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The Middle Man Makes the Most Profit in the Pecan Harvest

January 24th, 2013

pecan harvestI live in a small, rural area in southeast Arizona. The little community I reside in is completely surrounded by farm fields. However, once upon a time, this entire area was one big pecan orchard, and throughout the years, homes were built and streets were developed within this orchard. My home was one of the homes built within this pecan orchard which left several pecan trees remaining on my property.

Every year we harvest these pecans and sell them to local markets, who then turn around and resell them to their customers at a higher price. The market, or reseller, is the middle man. And the middle man almost always makes the most profit, and I’ll explain why.

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Autoresponders: A simple guide to email marketing and converting your list

January 10th, 2013

autoresponders and email marketingFor those of you who are new to the online marketing world, you’ll hear time and time again, “the money is in the list.” Which is absolutely true. Many dollars are to be made through email marketing. However, there’s a trick to sending autoresponders to your list which not only captivate those who actually open the email, but also calls them to action.

Autoresponders: A Simple Guide to Email Marketing and Converting your List

The first thing you need to realize about your list, is that your list is sacred ground. I’ve seen others promote almost anything to their list, things which they haven’t even looked into personally. Instead of treating their list like a gold mine, protecting it from the rest of the world, they treat it like a dump, throwing trash at it as fast as they possibly could hoping to get something of value back.

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