The Graveyard Job that Almost Killed Me!

April 15th, 2013

Skid marks on highwayWhen you hear to words, “Graveyards,” what thoughts come up for you?

Depending on your current employment, you might have a different thought process than someone else does, or maybe not.

Graveyard! Let’s pause for a second there. What a term! Whoever came up with the nickname, “graveyards” for the night shift hours, should have copyrighted that. It’s like death for employees. In most jobs, it’s considered the crap shift…the one nobody wants. The only time I though graveyards were fun was in my adolescent years, because the boss wasn’t there and I could do whatever I wanted!

On with my point, here’s a little story about the graveyard shift that nearly killed me. Seriously.

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Where’s the Oompa Loompa’s and the VDI Monitoring in Network Marketing?

March 26th, 2013

vdi monitoringSeveral years ago, I had a job. I know…you’re shocked, right? Heck, I even have a hard time believing myself when I say things like that. But yeah, I once worked for a popular domain registrar, which goes by the name of GoDaddy. It was there that I gained valuable experience in DNS and troubleshooting hosting issues, which I’ve used many times since.

I can’t say I know it all, but I know more than I knew before. And one of the things I learned there was their ability to maintain a controlled environment for their employees, an environment in which they could stay productive. With so many computers, and people working on those computers, it would seem to be a difficult task to keep them focused on their job, instead of browsing the internet all day.

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Glad I’m not that guy!

February 25th, 2013

Glad I'm not Obama!If can think of the ultimate you, the person you see yourself as when you have reached ultimate success, not just financially, but in every aspect of your life…what does that look like?

Are you ripped, rich and famous, or does any of that matter to you? Maybe you’re the “down to earth” rich guy that still wears his paint stained jeans around town, yet, has all the money in the world?

For me, I know EXACTLY what the ultimate me looks like.

And with that knowledge, I also know EXACTLY what I don’t want to be like.

So here’s a few guys I’m glad I’m not like, in several ways and for many different reasons. You may be offended, heck, you might even agree with my picks. Whatever your stance, at least it’s a stance.

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Life is Way Too Short

October 18th, 2012

Life is way too short

This past Saturday I celebrated yet another birthday and turned a whopping 36 years of age. I had a great day filled with family and food, both of which I love and can’t live without.

Life is Way Too Short

Every year, somewhere near my birthday, I seem to get caught up into reflection on my life up to that point. This year, I realized how flippin’ fast the last twelve months had gone by and to be honest, I started to freak out a bit. The more that these birthdays pass by, the more I realize that life is way too short!

We live in a farming community here in Central Arizona, and the main crop is cotton. It seems like those fields were white, all ready to harvest, just a few months ago. When in reality, they were harvested a year ago. My kids are now a year older and busier than ever and sometimes I wonder if I am having the influence on them that I should, and could.

I’m sure those of you with children can relate.

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I Just Got Fired!

November 7th, 2011

If you have ever been fired from a job, join the club. Change is a good thing, most of the time. There are very few who haven’t been let go, down sized, replaced or fired at least once in their lifetime. Back in my college days I used to work in a small restaurant, and if you know me at all, you know that I love food. Even though I love food, I think I loved it too much and couldn’t help not eating the food instead of serving it. To say the least, I was let go from that job, or fired. Whatever you want to call it. Their reason was, “I didn’t have what it takes to work with food.” That was okay with me and they were probably right. I hated cleaning up after people I didn’t know anyway, especially after a meal. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Signs that You Might be Fit for Entrepreneurship

January 6th, 2010

Before taking a look at my past, I had always assumed that I was one of the best employees that ever walked the face of the earth. I have held job positions that I absolutely excelled in. There wasn’t anything out there that I couldn’t do, or learn how to do, at a quicker rate than most of my co-workers. My employers always praised my work and how well I was doing. All was good.

Everything I just mentioned above is completely accurate and true. I was the best employee a wage could buy… least for a while. Then, I started to think of how all of my jobs ended. I was fired from a restaurant job during college because, in their words, “I didn’t have what it takes to work with food!” Translation…..I liked to eat it more than sell it! I worked construction and couldn’t handle getting told what to do all the time, “get that hammer, get me a 10′ 2×6, etc.” I learned what I needed there and actually went on to build two homes on my own for a few hundred thousand in profit. Working in the glass industry, I excelled to a certain point, and wanted to continue learning and growing but was kept within my job description and held back from higher earnings. So I quit and started my own glass company for a period of time.

I started to see that even though I was able to do well, I wasn’t able to keep doing the same things over and over again. I always wanted more.

So here are five simple signs that you might be fit for entrepreneurship:

  1. If someone told you to stare at a screen all day long for a set amount of money, and you couldn’t do it without wanting more responsibility or without feeling like you were wasting away your life.
  2. You’ve never really been a great employee, although you accomplish great things when you are and may jump from job to job frequently.
  3. The thought of having someone dictate your time during the day sickens you.
  4. You have so many ideas flowing through your head that you find yourself writing them down in a journal or notebook to keep track of them all.
  5. Instead of being content with where you are, you are constantly engaged in thought about where you want to be financially, in the near and distant future.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone. Some people like the so called “comfort” of a steady bi-weekly paycheck or 40 hour work week. Some enjoy the fact that they can check out at 5pm and not have to think about their job until 8 am the next day.

I once read a quote that I’ll end this post with, and it went something like this: As entrepreneurs, we do the things now, that most people won’t… that we can later, live a life that most people can’t!

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