Life is Way Too Short

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Life is way too short

This past Saturday I celebrated yet another birthday and turned a whopping 36 years of age. I had a great day filled with family and food, both of which I love and can’t live without.

Life is Way Too Short

Every year, somewhere near my birthday, I seem to get caught up into reflection on my life up to that point. This year, I realized how flippin’ fast the last twelve months had gone by and to be honest, I started to freak out a bit. The more that these birthdays pass by, the more I realize that life is way too short!

We live in a farming community here in Central Arizona, and the main crop is cotton. It seems like those fields were white, all ready to harvest, just a few months ago. When in reality, they were harvested a year ago. My kids are now a year older and busier than ever and sometimes I wonder if I am having the influence on them that I should, and could.

I’m sure those of you with children can relate.

I recently had a conversation with a colleague of mine about the choice I made to work in the online world instead of a more traditional way of providing for my family, such as a job or brick and mortar business. I had to end the call a bit early because I had to teach my daughter’s P.E. class that day. I then expressed to my colleague how grateful I was to be able to do those things. I am present in the lives of those who I care about the most. If they need me, I can be there, and my business allows me the flexibility to have more of an influence in the lives of my kids.

Life is way too short to work at a job or business you aren’t passionate about!

It really is. Too many people go to their jobs just for the paycheck. The only thing motivating to them about their chosen profession is the fact that they get paid every other Friday, receive health benefits and can afford a mortgage payment.

I’m not saying that having a job is a bad thing. It’s a good thing for those who don’t mind that sort of a lifestyle. It provides some sense of security knowing that you have a source of income.

But for those of you who want so much more for you and your family, life is way too short to waste on a job you aren’t truly passionate about. When you start packing on the years, and you look back on your life, make sure that you can honestly say to yourself that you gave it all. Be sure you can say that you followed your dreams.

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