Autoresponders: A simple guide to email marketing and converting your list

January 10th, 2013

autoresponders and email marketingFor those of you who are new to the online marketing world, you’ll hear time and time again, “the money is in the list.” Which is absolutely true. Many dollars are to be made through email marketing. However, there’s a trick to sending autoresponders to your list which not only captivate those who actually open the email, but also calls them to action.

Autoresponders: A Simple Guide to Email Marketing and Converting your List

The first thing you need to realize about your list, is that your list is sacred ground. I’ve seen others promote almost anything to their list, things which they haven’t even looked into personally. Instead of treating their list like a gold mine, protecting it from the rest of the world, they treat it like a dump, throwing trash at it as fast as they possibly could hoping to get something of value back.

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