Autoresponders: A simple guide to email marketing and converting your list

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autoresponders and email marketingFor those of you who are new to the online marketing world, you’ll hear time and time again, “the money is in the list.” Which is absolutely true. Many dollars are to be made through email marketing. However, there’s a trick to sending autoresponders to your list which not only captivate those who actually open the email, but also calls them to action.

Autoresponders: A Simple Guide to Email Marketing and Converting your List

The first thing you need to realize about your list, is that your list is sacred ground. I’ve seen others promote almost anything to their list, things which they haven’t even looked into personally. Instead of treating their list like a gold mine, protecting it from the rest of the world, they treat it like a dump, throwing trash at it as fast as they possibly could hoping to get something of value back.

Your lists value is only a great as the value you give it, the methods you used to build it and the message you send to it.

First: For example, I’ve had a list for several years. It’s not the biggest list in the world, but it’s growing. I’ve probably had this list for around four or five years now. Some of my first, original subscribers are still receiving my emails, and opening them. My mindset is that of a protector over this list of emails. These are people, not just email inboxes, that I’m communicating with.

Remember that. The moment you start treating your list like a bunch of inboxes instead of like people, your list will lose it’s value.

Second: When capturing these email addresses, make sure you’re not doing it in a deceiving manner. I’ve actually been on the receiving end of someone else’s deceiving marketing efforts. Instead of capturing the email addresses of those who are actually interested in starting a home based business, they sold me a list of email addresses from people who wanted to win a free iPad or toaster.

A smaller list of highly qualified leads is always more profitable than a larger list with unqualified leads.

Third: Back to the comparison of the gold mine and the dump, the message you send to your list is just as equal in importance as capturing your leads.

Be Consistent in Your Message: If you aren’t consistent in the message you are communicating to your list, you’ll have more people unsubscribe. They’ll unsubscribe because they are confused. Are you with business A or business B. They’re not quite sure where to start. Be consistent in your message and you’ll not only convert more of your list into sales, you’ll also have less people unsubscribing.

The Autoresponder Rate:¬†The rate at which you send your autoresponders or email broadcasts can also determine how successful you are in marketing to your list. If you haven’t emailed your list in months, they may not be too receptive when you do start emailing them. People will start to wonder where you got their information and will consider you as a spammer. So once you start building your list, stay in contact with them. Email them as often as you feel inclined to email them. Put yourself in their shoes, if you were looking for a legitimate business, how often would you like to receive emails.

Some will tell you to email them every single day, and that works. Personally, I email them every other day most of the time, sometimes every day. If I have something exciting to share, I’m sharing it.

Converting Your List Into Sales: Every list, not matter how small, if maintained properly using the methods above, has gold in it. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve had my list for several years. One of those years I neglected that list and didn’t communicate to them at all. I was waiting for an opportunity of value that I could offer them, and I found one. I started communicating with my list again and have had $1600 days since then.

Did they all convert on the very first email I sent out? Absolutely not! In fact, some of them have been on my list for several years and have been reading my emails for that entire time. Then something clicked. They became interested in what I was doing, because it had value, and my words had that thing called “passion” behind them.

For many of them, it took one or two emails to take action. For others, it took ten or twenty.

If you’re consistent at communicating with your list through autoresponders AND broadcasts, you’ll convert some into sales and find gold.

Were all the email broadcasts I sent out my own words, no! I simply customized, copied and pasted some of the broadcasts I was receiving from my enroller. But I can tell you this, if you don’t add your own personal touch to your broadcasts and autoresponders, if there’s no personality in there, they won’t convert very well.

Tell your story occasionally, show who you really are and people will relate, get started, and follow you.

Include a Call To Action:¬†Someone once told me to have three calls to action within every email, or every sales presentation. So in every single broadcast or autoresponder you send out, be sure to include some sort of call to action, multiple times. Whether it’s inviting them to a presentation, telling them to sign up or simply to check out your blog, call them to action.

For those of you who are curious, I use AWeber for building my list. They’ve got all the right tools and can integrate perfectly with the business I’m in.

In fact, those who get started with me get my email autoresponders automatically added to their AWeber account. It sure helps when trying to get things off the ground.

I hope this article helps you in your email marketing efforts. Fill out the form below if you’d like to become part of my email list to see how I run things, or, or course, to find out more about the business. Either way, you’ll be redirected to a free video which will blow your mind!

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