What would the world be like if you could….
Spend more time at home with your kids
Travel the world with your whole family
And make good money in the process?

Business opportunity

Hi, my name is David Allred and this is my beautiful wife Amy. We live here in the small community of Payson Arizona and we are successful home based business entrepreneurs and I know, most people’s understanding of what that means is vague. Well, allow me to assist you in understanding exactly what being an entrepreneur in a home business means. Everyday is a weekend for us. Seriously! We live life on OUR terms. There’s no boss to govern us, no employees to handle and no store front that needs to be opened. Life is simple, fun and is being lived on OUR terms. I work an average of 3-4 hrs a day, Monday through Thursday.

Successful EntrepreneursWe’ve had our trials and disappointments in life and I could go into that, and we could relate through the “poor me” mentality, but where would that get us? However, I want you to know that this life is full of choices. After my attempts, as first an employee, and then as an employer, I saw the big picture. I was truly sacrificing my family time, my self-worth, and ultimately, my freedom. I was sacrificing all of these freedoms for a life I did not enjoy.

So we took things into our own hands. We love what we do and have a calling in life to assist as many people as possible to experience this same type of lifestyle and level of income that we are now accustomed to.

My goal was and is to simply be there, make enough money to enjoy a healthy lifestyle and have the time freedom to live that lifestyle. I accomplished that goal nearly 5 years ago and have been living it ever since. Life for the Allreds is good, and the only difference between you and I, is that I have already made the choice!

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