Andy Andrews – Mastering the Seven Decisions

August 20th, 2009

I just finished reading a book by Andy Andrews, one of my favorite authors called “Mastering the Seven Decisions.” If you have read his best seller “The Travelers Gift” then this one would be a great read for you. I don’t think I would read it before you have read “The Travelers Gift” as it does make references to it often.

Very good book. Both of them are! I can tell you what, “The Travelers Gift” changed my life. It completely served me. The Seven Decisions are powerful! Apply these seven principles into your life and try not to have success in all you do. It would be impossible. The Seven Decisions are:

  1. The Responsible Decision
  2. The Guided Decision
  3. The Active Decision
  4. The Certain Decision
  5. The Joyful Decision
  6. The Compassionate Decision
  7. The Persistent Decision

I don’t want to spill the meat of either of these books to you if you are someone who has not yet read them, but I will tell you this: If you are someone who is sick of the mediocrity you have settled for in life, you deserve to read these books! Here’s a link for each of them in Amazon!