Dream Bigger – You’re Probably Thinking Way Too Small

August 23rd, 2013

$40 Million Mansion in HawaiiAs I was surfing the web today, looking for new advertising opportunities for my business, I stumbled across something that gave me a big slap in the face. It helped me realize that I haven’t been thinking big enough!

Dream Bigger – Get Rid of that Small Thinking

It’s funny how sometimes we can get so fixated on one thing that we put on the blinders that keep us from seeing the bigger things right next to us. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing I guess. It just means that we’re being super focused. But what if that one thing that we’re focused on is keeping us from getting something much, much larger?

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Join me in the Home Business of all Home Businesses

February 4th, 2013

Many of you may know of my track history in the home business industry, and many of you may not. The last home based business I gave my heart and soul to created some amazing results for my family and I. Making up to $55,000 monthly with that business created an amazing lifestyle for us and was the beginning of my career as a “work from home Dad.”

Here’s a glimpse of the lifestyle we created…

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Sword Fighting with Cattails – Fun Activities for Kids

January 22nd, 2013

sword fighting with cattailsI promise you this, if you can find a way to take your kids sword fighting with cattails, your kids will love you for it! I don’t know a single kid that doesn’t love making a mess and whacking things with a stick, so add this one to your list of fun outdoor activities to do with kids.

As you probably already know, yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. day, and because of it, my kids were given the day off from school. So, as a work from home Dad, one of the most difficult things for me to do is to work while my kids are off from school. And you might think that it’s because they’re running around the house like a bunch of monkeys while I’m trying to record a YouTube video or write up a blog post, and that might be part of the reason. But the main reason is that I want to get out and do something fun with them while they have a free day.

So, instead of working, I decided to take the day off!

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All The Ladies are Envious

December 13th, 2012

The Ladies are EnviousOne of my biggest worries lately is that I may not be working as much as I should be. I’ve been spending a lot of time, running around town, attending my children’s events, coaching basketball, and doing everything else, other than working. On average, I probably get a solid two to four hours of focused work accomplished in a day. I mean, I can piece in thirty minutes here or there, but I’m not very productive during those times.

Today, I attended my daughters Christmas program. After dropping our kids off at school, just as we do every morning, we decided to drive over the the auditorium in order to get a good seat. We had about 35 minutes to kill before the show started, and so the funnest thing to do, of course, is to check out all the interesting people pouring in. As they do, I start noticing how many ladies there were in the room.

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Hurricane Sandy – Some Positive Financial Aftermath

October 30th, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Positive AftermathNormally I’m a weather nut, meaning, I love to be caught in a bad down pour or crazy snow storm. Well, I shouldn’t use the word “caught,” I guess. I love to go out in them, as long as I know I can make it home safe and sound. Even if that means having to ram my SUV into a bank of snow just to get into my driveway! I know, give a man four wheel drive and he thinks he can do anything, right?

With that said, getting caught in a hurricane, such as hurricane Sandy, is another story.

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Life is Way Too Short

October 18th, 2012

Life is way too short

This past Saturday I celebrated yet another birthday and turned a whopping 36 years of age. I had a great day filled with family and food, both of which I love and can’t live without.

Life is Way Too Short

Every year, somewhere near my birthday, I seem to get caught up into reflection on my life up to that point. This year, I realized how flippin’ fast the last twelve months had gone by and to be honest, I started to freak out a bit. The more that these birthdays pass by, the more I realize that life is way too short!

We live in a farming community here in Central Arizona, and the main crop is cotton. It seems like those fields were white, all ready to harvest, just a few months ago. When in reality, they were harvested a year ago. My kids are now a year older and busier than ever and sometimes I wonder if I am having the influence on them that I should, and could.

I’m sure those of you with children can relate.

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