Glad I’m not that guy!

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Glad I'm not Obama!If can think of the ultimate you, the person you see yourself as when you have reached ultimate success, not just financially, but in every aspect of your life…what does that look like?

Are you ripped, rich and famous, or does any of that matter to you? Maybe you’re the “down to earth” rich guy that still wears his paint stained jeans around town, yet, has all the money in the world?

For me, I know EXACTLY what the ultimate me looks like.

And with that knowledge, I also know EXACTLY what I don’t want to be like.

So here’s a few guys I’m glad I’m not like, in several ways and for many different reasons. You may be offended, heck, you might even agree with my picks. Whatever your stance, at least it’s a stance.

I’m glad I’m not that guy!

Richard Simmons#1 on my list is Richard Simmons. I’ve got tons of respect for the guy and all he has accomplished in his lifetime. He’s an inspiration to many. So me saying that I’m glad I’m not that guy to Richard Simmons isn’t anything against him personally. I just don’t know how he gets away with wearing some of the things he does, being a man and all. There are all kinds of different types of “males” in the world, but my vision of a what a man is does not involve striped shorty shorts.

Glad I’m not that guy!

Sensitive Man#2 is a character in the movie, “Bedazzled,” with Brendan Frasier. Sunsets are inspirational, but not enough to cry…and some people look good in turtle neck sweaters, I do not. To clarify, I like to watch his movies and think he’s hilarious. I’m just glad I’m not the “Sensitive” guy he plays in the movie.

Glad I’m not that guy!

guy taking a pircture of himself flexing in mirror#3 is any dude who takes pictures of himself without a shirt on in front of their bathroom mirror, and then uses that picture for their Facebook profile or some other social network. I’m not a woman or anything, at least not last time I checked, but I think most of them think less of guys who do that. Your not impressing anyone.

Glad I’m not that guy!

#4 is President Obama. Of course I had to throw something political into my list. Although he is in a position of power and has the ability to truly make a difference, for the good, in this nation, I don’t feel he has done that. Not every President of the Unites States is loved by every citizen in this country, I know that. In Obama’s case, he is either extremely loved or extremely hated. There’s not much in between.

Glad I’m not that guy!

Miserable Employee#5 trumps them all. Out of everyone on and off this list, this is the one I’m most grateful NOT to be. It’s an employee.

Some of you may feel I’m being ungrateful, conceded, self righteous and judgmental. Go ahead a feel that way. I have nothing against those who have jobs, the world needs people to fill those positions. Not everyone can run their own business. Not everyone can have the discipline to choose their own work schedule and remain productive, work through the night to complete a project, give themselves a raise, pay cutt or a day off, or deal with the stress of not having a bi-weekly paycheck. That’s why we need employees.

You see…I’ve been both, and now that I’ve experienced both sides, I’ve become the most miserable employee. I remember the days of waking up to an alarm clock, packing my lunch and heading off to work for nine hours of the day. I remember the work cubicle, the time clock and the boss….and I despised every single second of it. Maybe I just didn’t have the right job. Who knows?

In my eyes, miserable employees are entrepreneurs in the making. The only difference between those employees and entrepreneurs, is that one has already taken action because if he were to stay stagnant for one more minute, he’d burst out of his skin.

As an employee, someone can go on hating their job for a very, very long time. Yet, they’ll get up tomorrow morning, pack their lunch and head out to work, just like they’ve been doing for the last however long….because they’re terrified to change their situation.

Change takes courage.

And for those of you who despise your jobs, no matter what job that is, it’s time for a change to happen. Maybe you’ve looked into something before, yet, you didn’t act. Next time you’re faced with that decision, ask yourself this one question, “If I don’t get started, what’s the alternative?”

The alternative is….you can always go back to what you’ve been doing…working for someone else instead of yourself.

Make the change. I believe in you. You can do it.

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