Adding a Photobucket Image to your AWeber Broadcast Email

November 26th, 2013 | Comments Off on Adding a Photobucket Image to your AWeber Broadcast Email |

For those of you who are using AWeber to capture and store your captured email addresses, here’s a quick tutorial on using Photobucket to host the images you use in your email broadcasts.

I recently received a “How-to” request from my team within the Empower Network asking for instructions on adding an image to their broadcast email from Photobucket.

So, instead of explaining it through an email or a Skype desk share, I decided to record a quick tutorial video and make a blog post out of it.

Here’s the written word (instructions), followed by my quick video tutorial.

  1. Upload photo to Photobucket by clicking on the ‘Upload” button within your account.
  2. Click on uploaded photo once upload is complete.
  3. Look to the right of the image and click on the URL to the right of the ‘direct” label. It will automatically copy to your notepad.
  4. In AWeber, I like to use the ‘Previous Editor’ to compose my broadcasts. Click in the text box so that your cursor shows. Click on the little square image above the text area called ‘Insert/Edit Image.’
  5. Paste the URL from Photobucket in the space labeled ‘URL.’ Click ‘Insert.’
  6. Size the image that fits your needs by, in Firefox, dragging the corner of the image.
  7. To link the image to another URL, click the image, click on the hyperlink icon, type or past URL in the space labeled ‘URL.’ Click ‘Insert.’

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