#1 of the top 10 steps to success

November 3rd, 2006

Have you ever had anyone ask you what your “WHY” is? Have you ever wanted something so bad that you had a burning inside that yearned for it? A burning desire to get it no matter what it took? Somewhere behind that burning desire was your why. Why did you want what you were after? What caused the drive in you to succeed? Did you get what you were after? Was your desire strong enough?

I am a network marketer. I absolutely love what I do. I assist others in obtaining a lifestyle of prosperity and abundance. That alone is fulfilling and I take pride in it. But it isn’t enough. I have a deeper why within. I have a burning desire to be successful for a reason. Initially most people come looking for an opportunity to make a ton of money. They are looking for that legitimate home based business to increase their income. But I can tell you…that is not enough. When you make the money then what will you do? There has to be a reason you want success to come your way. What is that reason? Why do you want to become successful?

In the past year and a half I have come from living in a 2 bedroom apartment, driving an extended cab Nissan Frontier, working for a glass company, to owning two homes in a very prestigious community, driving an H2, going on a vacation every month and absolutely loving my life. And yeah, of course I started this business for the money – you should have seen my personal financial statement! But I wanted money for another reason. My why was and is┬ámy family. I wanted and desired to be apart of their lives. I wanted more money so that I would be able to enjoy life and give my family what I never had. They deserve to have a life of abundance and I will be the one to give that to them. My choices are no longer governed by a boss or a job. I am the maker of my own future and can make as much money as I choose to.

This business is a desire driven business as is much of entrepreneurship. Do you have enough desire to make your dreams come true? When it comes down to making important decisions is your why strong enough to give you courage and discernment? That is what it comes down to and I think is the first step to obtaining success. Your why is your fuel. When you run out of it, you are dead on the side of the road and everyone else with a full tank will pass right on by. If your “WHY” is strong enough……you can accomplish anything you desire!

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