10 Awesome ways to Fire Your Boss!

September 15th, 2007 | No Comments |

There is a point that some people reach in their careers that truly sets them apart from the rest of the herd. This point came for me after I had been an employee for about 10 years. The resounding difference that occurred in me was the fact that I had outgrown my employer. I was done with making someone else rich while I made pennies. I was done being the slave to a job that I despised. I flat out outgrew my employer and everything he had to offer.

So I had a choice! I could either find another job and dedicate the next 10 years to that job, and then do it all over again, or I could become an entrepreneur and live life on my terms. Hmmmmmm…..tough decision right?

The best decision you could make for you and for your future would be to fire your boss and work for yourself. The only difference would be, well, there are a ton of them so I won’t mention them here.

  1. So, number one all time favorite ways of mine to fire your boss is to rip off your shirt, throw it on the ground and say, “I QUIT!” That was the way I did it and I highly recommend it! Very fun. Most effective when you have an undershirt or another shirt to wear.
  2. Walk in to your boss and ask for a raise. You may get into the usual conversation of him asking you why you feel you deserve a raise. Turn the conversation back on him and ask him why he feels he deserves to have you as an employee. Just mess with his head. After his response, which might not be a good one, tell him he is fired and walk out of his office.
  3. Again, go to your boss and ask him for a raise. Again, you may get the usual questions along the lines of why you fell like you deserve to get a raise. He may even ask you how much you think you are worth, or how much he should pay you. Tell him $2,000 a day, and by the way, you now only have a 4 hour work day! In the last 30 days, that is what I have made, except I only work 3 hours a day, Monday – Thursday.
  4. Go up to your boss and tell him that you are going to start working out of your home office and to not plan on seeing you around much anymore. This is more to just see what his reaction will be. Be persistent and serious with him. Then mention that you will be working for yourself and not him.
  5. Come in late one day and say, “Apologize for being late. I had to deposit my $14,000 check at the bank before I came in to quit. PEACE SUCKA!
  6. Just tell your boss that you can really no longer afford to work for him and that he is losing you money. Then give him your business card and walk out.
  7. Tell your boss that your time is too precious to spend away from those you care about. I run a very successful home business. That means I am at home, with my family, working only three hours a day.
  8. Throw yourself a going away party the day you plan on leaving your job. Make sure all your co-workers know about it and let it be a surprise to your boss.
  9. Tell your boss that today is your last day and volunteer to stay the two weeks just to be polite. But then reiterate that today is your last day! He will be a little confused.
  10. Just walk in and say that you have started a successful home business and say, “You’re fired!”

So there you have it. If you have any other sweet ways or ideas of how to fire your boss, post a comment and we will see how many good ones we can come up with. Seriously though, the day I fired my boss was the best day of my working career! Be smart though. Don’t just fire your boss if you aren’t self-employed and part of a business opportunity that is profitable enough to do so. I can definitely help you in that arena! So, fire you boss! Let someone else be the employee.

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