10 Painful Situations Avoided by Being an Entrepreneur

December 17th, 2008 | 4 Comments |

I had fun thinking of all the things that drove me nuts with having a job. It has been over 4 years since I was in a J.O.B and Just Over Broke. I was recently visiting my brother and we were having a conversation about him coming and visiting for New Years. He mentioned to me that his employer requires him to work for an entire year before he will be allowed to take a day off! So with all that said, I am going to rate that as the top situation avoided by being an Entrepreneur!

  1. Your Employer or Boss requiring you to work an entire year before taking one day off! You teach people how to treat you and then allow them to do so. If you allow this to happen, you are more wacko than I thought. Yes, I just called my brother a Wacko!
  2. “So…why is it that you feel you deserve a raise?” This line drove me nuts even though I only had the privilege of hearing it once a year at most. Basically, you are being asked how much you feel you are worth! My answer: “More than you can afford!” Anything less than that would be settling, tucking your tail between your legs, and taking it up the ‘you know what!’ Always trying to prove my worth was annoying.
  3. “Ummm…We’re thinking about laying you off!” Ouch! My Brother-in-law got this line just the other day. They actually offered him a voluntary lay-off instead, basically meaning, 6 weeks of pay and 6 months of benefits. Pathetic severance package huh!?
  4. “I want you here 5 minutes early every day, so that you can be ready to work at 8!” You know what I had to say to my boss, “As long as I am clocked in before 8 am, I am ON TIME!” Did that tick him off? Yes! Did he do anything about it? No!
  5. Ummm….I feel that my employees are not dressing professionally enough. Can you dress nicer?” My Mother-in-law got this one last week. The sad thing, it’s not directed towards her. It was for her co-worker who comes to work in an accounting office in a skirt, mountain boots, and flannel jacket! I wish I had a twitpic for you all to see that image!
  6. Getting told when to go to lunch everyday. This wouldn’t be so bad if lunch time was at the same time every day, but instead, you get a 15 minute notice!
  7. “Thanks for all you have done this year but, due to the economy, you won’t be getting a Christmas bonus this year! Instead, I am giving you all a ham!” This actually happened to me, but what he was really saying is, “My wife wants a BMW for Christmas so I took it out on you!”
  8. Getting hurt on the job, bleeding from a gash in your head, while your boss shops around trying to find the best deal on getting it fixed! I can understand always finding the best deal but come one! You have an employee bleeding to death while you try to save $50.00!
  9. The entire application process! What attributes or qualities do you have that would make you a good employee? “Uh, because I am a team player, I work well with others, and am a go-getter!” That was my most used answer. Say that and you are guaranteed to get hired everytime!
  10. Working your butt off for an entire year to get your face put up on the wall with the quotes, “Employee of the Year!” On top of that, working an entire year to get a pat on the back or a little recognition from your supervisor or boss, guys, it’s not worth it!

The truth of the matter is, I can’t stand to work with others if they are morons, I am only a good team player if I am playing on the team I choose and I am a go-getter for me and those I care for, not for a boss. I just want the bi-weekly check!

I think I could come up with at least 10 more on my own. What situations, phrases, or things have you been able to avoid or want to avoid by your choice to become an Entrepreneur?

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