New Software and Liveware to Help in Sales

May 9th, 2013

sales softwareSome may think that a struggling economy has made things nearly impossible for salespeople across the country, but with the ability to now use sales software and liveware right at your fingertips and increase your sales without leaving your home, things have never been easier. There are many different platforms in which you can help build on your craft, and here are a few of the programs that will drive your sales.


Yesware was created in 2010 as an e-mail service for salespeople. What it is, is a plug-in for your e-mail that you can use with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Templates are set out depending on the type of e-mail that you are sending (i.e. memo, sales offer, etc.) and will let you know once the e-mail has been opened and the links that have been clicked on.

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Having trouble recording HD video on your computer?

April 25th, 2013

Recording in HDOne of the most effective ways to promote yourself or your product online is by using video. But not just any video, HD or High Definition videos. Over the last few years, it’s HD or nothing! Give me HD or give me death, right? Especially when it comes to watching movies. You’ve gotta have that HD TV or it just doesn’t seem worth it.

Every once in a while, I’ll catch myself squinting while watching a show that’s not in HD. I’m trying to clear up the picture but it’s just not working, you know? HD makes everything seem more realistic.

With that said, I have recently had the desire to launch a massive video marketing campaign to promote my opportunity. So, after realizing that the built in camera on my Dell Studio laptop doesn’t record in the required 720p, I order myself an HD webcam off of Ebay. And if you’re wondering, I ordered a Logitech 615c, which is a great camera.

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Invoice Software

March 20th, 2013

Invoice SoftwareI might be a bit biased, but there’s no better way to make a living than by owning your own business. Having complete control over your income and your schedule is second to none. And as you can probably tell from the content on my site, I’ve been an entrepreneur for nearly a decade, and although it has been a roller coaster ride, I’ve loved every minute of it.

In my lifetime, I’ve owned and operated several different types of businesses. The first of those businesses was a carpet cleaning gig which I operated while still in high school. The next business venture didn’t happen until 2005, and was a Glass company. We’ve also owned a wedding planning business, an internet marketing/web design company and are currently operating an internet marketing company.

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Build a residual income stream through blogging!

February 21st, 2013

Tom Hanks - A GazillionaireMany moons have passed by since the day I began my blogging career. Sometimes I wonder how things would have been then if I knew what I know now. If the Empower Network was around then, as Forest Gump says, I would be a “Gazillionaire” by now! Better late then never!

Which is the entire reason for this blog post. I want to tell you how you can build a residual income stream through blogging that will continue to pay you for years to come.

How to build a residual income stream through blogging

As you may already know, I am a blogger on the Empower Network, which is built around a multi-user wordpress platform. Building a residual income stream through blogging is extremely simple to do with the Empower Network, but without it, things can be a bit more complicated.

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Site Speed Influences Google Adsense Revenue

July 10th, 2012

Site SpeedAs an internet entrepreneur, it’s good to know a little bit about everything related to your niche. Just as long as it doesn’t detract from your primary business. Believe me, it can and will if you let it.

So for me, I run a home based business, and in doing, I have to be able to promote my business. And since I don’t really enjoy marketing to folks in my local area, B.F.E Arizona, I turn to promoting my business online. So I choose to know a little about SEO, website design, graphic design, email marketing, CPC and other areas of online marketing that pertain to my business. Am I an expert in all of those areas, nope. But I know enough to be dangerous.

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Run a Home Based Business? Get a Smart Phone.

May 31st, 2012

Droid X2 Smart PhoneToday, we have so much technology that can help our businesses grow. Whether you’re a home based business owner or run a more traditional business, you deserve to have a smart phone. Doing business without one will only cost you more time. Which, in an entrepreneurs world, that means money or time away from your family.

Now this post may sound extremely out dated to those of us who already use a smart phone, and that’s okay. This post is targeting those entrepreneurs who are still stuck in the dinosaur days. Admit it. How many people over the age of fifty actually use a smart phone? And how many of those people own businesses or could benefit from the technology smart phones have to offer? Off the top of my head, I can personally think of at least twenty people, and you probably can as well.

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