Incident Report for Commissions Paid to David Allred

December 11th, 2012

Incident Report for 100% Commissions Paid to David Allred

Date: December 10, 2012

Time: 6:56 PM (Mountain Standard Time)

Location: Central, Arizona

Scene: Upstairs TV room

Activity at Time of Incident: David was watching “The Grinch” with his wife Amy, and their four children.

Commission Earned: $997

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Have you ever QUIT a Home Business before?

November 28th, 2012

Quit a Home BusinessWhen you first get started in a home based business, you have all kinds of emotions to deal with. You’re excited and at the same time, maybe a bit nervous, depending on your experience in the industry. Sometimes a lack of knowing what to do can get your nerves all in a bunch, and if that lack of knowledge isn’t fixed, the results often end up in a failed business attempt.

Have you ever Quit a home business before?

If things aren’t going as well as you had expected in your home business, the easiest thing to do is quit! In your mind, quitting solves almost all of your problems, except the very biggest one, which was the one that convinced you into starting a home based business. All the other problems such as monthly expenditures and failed marketing campaigns are now gone.

But, that one little issue that drove you to this industry is still there. Is it a lack in income? Maybe it’s the lack of free time? Whatever the reason, it’s still there!

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Prospecting is a Waste of Time

October 8th, 2012

Prospecting is a Waste of TimeI can’t tell you how relieved I am right now. Beginning in 2005, I started my career online as a Network Marketer and joined one of the fastest growing top tier direct sales companies. My wife and I spent hours and hours during the day, evening and sometimes at night, prospecting. We attended trainings, purchased audio courses and even spent hours and hours prospecting each other, for practice.

Little did I know that prospecting is a waste of time!

Yes, I said it. Prospecting is a waste of time for anyone looking to create real leverage in their business. Think about it. What is real leverage? Leverage in business is and has always been about time and cash flow. The more money you can make in the least amount of time is true leverage.

I know, that if a prospecting call takes ten to twenty minutes to complete, if I worked ten hours straight, that will only allow me to take around forty calls a day. Even with the highest priced product and best paying commission in the world, I would still only be able to make forty calls in a day, without eating anything!

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Your income just increased by $25 monthly!

October 5th, 2012

Tell me, has your inbox told you that lately?

How about this one?

“Your income just increased by $100 monthly.”

Here’s a quick screen shot of a few emails I received yesterday while I was sitting on my butt, watching a training video:

Your income just increased

I show you this not to brag about a whopping $25 commission, but I do it do make a point. $25 bucks will barely pay for two meals at McDonald’s, right? Well, there’s two meals, per month, at McDonald’s that I didn’t have before. And who eats there anyway?

My point is, what does your income look like when you receive just ten of those emails in a month? You could probably use the extra $250 of residual income per month. What if you start getting ten in a week, or per day?$250 per day….you could do a lot with that.

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Amy Allred joins Visalus, and is a Pro!

October 2nd, 2012

Amy Allred joins VisalusIf you haven’t yet had a chance to read one of my recent posts, “When all else fails, just cry,” you should do it. It’s pretty funny and works really well. So be sure to stop by that post before leaving my site today. Now, on with the topic….

Amy Allred joins Visalus

As you might already know, Amy is my beautiful, extremely talented wife who is amazing at pretty much everything she does. And that’s no joke, seriously. Everything she does, she does at full speed ahead. Look out Visalus, because she loves your shakes, and when she loves something, everyone she knows will hear about it and probably want it too.

That’s just who Amy is. She’s the kind of person that makes friends with every person she meets. And by the time I can count my fingers and toes, she’ll know everything important there is to know about a person she has just barely met. But the part that baffles me the most, is that most of the people she meets think that she is the most amazing person they have ever met. Well, I guess it’s not that baffling, I think that every day.

She has an infectious personality, in an extremely good way.

So why did Amy Allred join Visalus?

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David Allred Joins the Empower Network

September 26th, 2012

The Empower Network

It is official folks.

David Allred joins the Empower Network!

I’ve finally found a home based business that has the leverage, price point and income potential that’s worth the effort. The Empower Network has all that I have been looking for.

  • I enjoy blogging
  • I like making money
  • I like helping other people make money
  • I dig personal development
  • I am always looking to learn more about internet marketing
  • It’s a business model with extreme leverage
  • I really don’t enjoy prospecting (Bonus! No prospecting in the Empower Network)
  • Anyone can afford the startup costs
  • Massive residual income potential

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