Have you ever QUIT a Home Business before?

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Quit a Home BusinessWhen you first get started in a home based business, you have all kinds of emotions to deal with. You’re excited and at the same time, maybe a bit nervous, depending on your experience in the industry. Sometimes a lack of knowing what to do can get your nerves all in a bunch, and if that lack of knowledge isn’t fixed, the results often end up in a failed business attempt.

Have you ever Quit a home business before?

If things aren’t going as well as you had expected in your home business, the easiest thing to do is quit! In your mind, quitting solves almost all of your problems, except the very biggest one, which was the one that convinced you into starting a home based business. All the other problems such as monthly expenditures and failed marketing campaigns are now gone.

But, that one little issue that drove you to this industry is still there. Is it a lack in income? Maybe it’s the lack of free time? Whatever the reason, it’s still there!

Quick Story about someone who quit a home based business…

In my small community here in the Gila Valley, home parties are pretty common. One of the opportunities that has spread through this valley is a jewelry business. While we lived in Gilbert, my wife held a home party for her aunt and ended up scoring around $600 in free jewelry. Not a bad score.

While shopping today, she had a conversation with a lady who was once a distributor of this jewelry. She told my wife that she was forced to quit the business because she couldn’t afford to pay the required monthly renewal fees. This was all, of course, due to her lack of success in her business.

This lady then stated that for the longest time, she was the only one in this valley who was offering the jewelry. Yet, she still wasn’t having success. When she heard of Amy’s success at her home party in Gilbert, she was astonished. She proclaimed that she had never had a home party with as much success as Amy’s had. She then said that another woman in the valley started offering the jewelry and is doing outrageously amazing at it.This was the same lady who had signed up my wife’s aunt.

She wondered why she had failed and the other woman succeeded, in the same market area, with the same people and the same product.

What a great question!

From experience, I can tell you this…..if quitting is an option to you, then you’ve already failed.

In fact, most people who quit their business are just moments away from succeeding. So if you’re at that moment in your enterprise, press through. Fix whatever it is that is causing you to fail and just choose to succeed. Quitting your home business should never even be an option.

You must do what it takes to succeed. Whatever it takes.

So, why did one woman succeed while the other did not? Quitting just wasn’t an option. She started her jewelry business with a winners mindset.

It’s not rocket science. It’s just desire. That’s it!

In fact, in my business, we take things just a step further. If you have the desire to succeed, we have the tools, the information and the training to help you push through any stumbling block. Click HERE to learn more.

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