Incident Report for Commissions Paid to David Allred

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Incident Report for 100% Commissions Paid to David Allred

Date: December 10, 2012

Time: 6:56 PM (Mountain Standard Time)

Location: Central, Arizona

Scene: Upstairs TV room

Activity at Time of Incident: David was watching “The Grinch” with his wife Amy, and their four children.

Commission Earned: $997

Correspondence: Email Titled: Congratulations David, your team member just earned you $1,000.

Congratulations David!

This may just be the most badass email that you’ve ever read in your life.


Because you just earned $1,000 – doing nothing. Your team member passed up a sale, they did the work – and you got the money. Isn’t that gangster?

Action Taken After Incident: David looked at Amy, said, “We just made 1000 bucks.” She did a fist pump, David smiled, sat back and put his feet up on the nearby ottoman.

Aftermath: David’s bank account balance was now bigger as a result.

Evidence: Screen shot of email.

100% Commissions

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