Use Bandit Signs to Promote Your Business – Copy Examples

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Gold Teeth for Sale Bandit signIf you’ve never heard of the words, “Bandit Sign,” you’re not alone. Before I saw a need for them in my business, I called them those “little signs on the side of the road!”

We’ve all seen them, but have we used them?

Use Bandit Signs to Promote Your Business

A few years back I wrote a similar blog post outlining what bandit signs are and how you should use them. You can see that post here, if you’d like. That post was primarily geared towards the home based business industry and included a few examples of what to put on your signs, where to place them and a few other suggestions to help you in your marketing campaign.

They work. There’s no doubt about that. If you are consistent at placing bandit signs in strategic places throughout your area, and your business is worth something, you will see results.

However, since writing the last post on bandit signs, I have a few updates for you on the ad copy.

Back in the day when I first started in the home business industry, some of the common copy for a bandit sign went something like this:

Tired of Your Job? 20K/mo Working From Home! 888-555-1234

30k/month Working From Home. Don’t believe, Don’t Call! 888-555-1234

All the newbies are going to be placing signs out with that kind of copy on them, which isn’t truly authentic. Hardly any of them have made anything close to those income claims, and the average ‘Joe’ with somewhat of a decent brain knows that.

For the most part, we’ve all seen those signs with similar wording. So here’s my revised, more experienced copy advice for you:

Be Authentic. For example:

Legitimate Opportunity Helps Father of 4 Quit Job! Call for info. 888-222-1234

Honestly, I Make 3-5K per Week with this Crappy Sign. 888-222-1234

Hated My Job. Started THIS Home Business. I Quite My Job. 888-222-1234

Do you see the difference? Rule of thumb in writing copy for a good bandit sign that will convert is, if you wouldn’t say it yourself then don’t put it on a sign.

As for other industries, such as real estate, lenders, windshield repair, lawyers and just about any industry I can think of, you can benefit from the use of bandit signs. As long as you’re straight forward and not too “salesy” in your copy, your business will benefit.

Heck, if you’re planning on selling your home, instead of going with a real estate agent right off, attempt selling it yourself by using bandit signs. Save yourself the commission you would have paid a realtor. Quick example….We had a home for sale right next door to us for months and months, which was listed with a realtor. But as soon as we placed bandit signs for the owner, it sold.

They work well.

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In conclusion and as always, I’d like to hear from you. What ad copy has worked well for you in your bandit sign campaigns?

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