What Does Dave Do? Work from Home as a Webmaster.

September 17th, 2013 | Comments Off on What Does Dave Do? Work from Home as a Webmaster. |

WebmasterHere it is! The second addition to my video series, “What does Dave do?” In this video, I cover one of the many ways I generate income online as a work from home Dad.

Is this method one of my favorite ones? Probably not. But it brings in the bacon, and, in the process, allows me to help other people. There’s nothing worse than needing to update your website, and not knowing a thing about updating websites.

I remember when I first attempted editing my website. It was an extremely frustrating experience, but I wanted to learn. The person who designed my site wasn’t willing to make any more edits to the site for me, so I had no choice.

Finding a dependable webmaster is a rare thing in this world. So there’s a great deal of need there. And that’s the entire motto of entrepreneurs around the world, right? Find a need. Fill a need. That’s where true profit lies!

Once again, you can find the video series by clicking on the link above. You’ll also find links to certain resources I mentioned in the video.


Work from Home as a Webmaster

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