I Wish I Would Have…

February 4th, 2010

Live today as if it’s already tomorrow!” Lately, this is a motto I have come to know well in my life. Basically, if it’s today, yesterday is already gone. You can’t change it, alter it or get it back. What’s done is done…or on the other hand, what’s not done is just a missed opportunity. It’s gone! So seriously, live today as though you will never have today again…and the crazy thing is, you won’t ever have it again. I know….deep right!?

My point is simple. Yesterday, I listened in on a conversation my wife was having, and it was the most motivating conversation I have ever heard. It brought tears to my eyes to sit there and listen to this man pour out a life of regret. He had spent his life striving to live the dream, business venture after business venture. He started out in the Glass Industry. Instead of running his business, his business ran him. His paperwork kept him at the office into the late hours of the night. He rarely saw his family. Then one day, he decided to build a shop behind his house and his daughter said, “Mommy, I’m so happy that Daddy is building his house so close to our house because we can go visit him now.”

He went on to say that the big house, the nice cars, the huge successful business, the glory and the fame just don’t matter. Looking back on his life now, he realizes that he was never there. The words “I wish I would have” rolled off his tongue as he spoke of his children. He wishes he would have been around more when they were little. That’s all that matters to him now, and now he is full of regret. He can never get that time back.

To me, to hear stories like this, is very, very depressing….yet at the same time, extremely motivating! I don’t ever want to say, “I wish I would have.” Ever! I don’t want to be the guy with 20/20 hindsight. I want to be the guy who lives today as if there is no tomorrow…..and so I do. If I haveĀ  and idea or a gumption, I act on it. I don’t wait. Waiting is a waste of time and besides, what are you waiting for? A better time? There will never be a better time in the history of YOU, to act on your dreams.

So just don’t. Don’t be the guy that says “I wish I had!” Don’t live a life of regrets. Don’t put off your dreams for anything. And yes, that includes the lack of knowledge on how to achieve your dreams. That’s no excuse. Live a full and fulfilling life. Every moment counts!

How Far Can You See?

February 1st, 2010

How good is your vision? I mean, how far can you really see? Well, the answer to those questions depend on your vision, right? The stronger your eyes, the better you see. It’s a fact. So if I asked you how far you could see, depending on where you are standing the answer would vary. If you were standing in a building, your answer you be “to that wall over there.” If you were standing on the edge of a cliff or a mountain peak, you could literally see for miles and only the curvature of the earth could keep you from seeing farther.

Now most of us can see pretty good with our physical eyes, some better than others. They are what we use to see all that is happening in the here and now. They show us present events. The things right in front of us. Depending on the health of these eyes, these present objects and events can be completely blurry, kind of fuzzy or completely clear. Using glasses, contacts and corrective surgery, we can improve our vision and see more clearly. These eyes have a purpose.

Now, if you plan on making any progress in life or creating any degree of success, you must learn how to use your physical eyes as well as your “other” eyes! We have many different eyes…the eyes of the past are our memories. We can always gaze into our past just as far as we can remember….and there’s a purpose for that. Through these eyes we learn from our mistakes. Hind sight is always 20/20.

The third set of eyes are more abstract. These are the eyes that sense, feel, dream and create. These are the eyes upon which all progress lies. Through these eyes, we can see further than the curvature of the earth or the farthest Galaxy. Through these eyes we can see things that have yet to be created or which don’t even exist. These are the eyes that know, regardless of physical sight, who we are going to become tomorrow, or a year from now. It has always worked that way.

So many people have it backwards. What you see right in front of you should NEVER, and I say NEVER, influence what you have already envisioned to for yourself. So many people live their lives being influenced solely by the present. They move from one job to the next, making zero progress in their lives, and have not learned to use their “other” eyes. They just haven’t exercised them enough to know how to use them. So they keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, because they can’t see farther than that. They can only see as far as their circumstances allow them to. It’s like being in a building, only being able to see to the wall in front, not knowing about the endless universes outside. If these “other” eyes of ours aren’t ever used….they’re going to be blurry.

Just as we can nurture and strengthen our physical eyes to see better in the present, we can also nurture and strengthen our other eyes, and I say “other” because I don’t know any single word that can define their purpose. That exercise is self education, personal development and self mastery. We must realize our true potential and it is then and only then will we realize how far we can really see. It’s an amazing thing and the boundaries are endless.

The power of the human mind is beyond comprehension, if we but learn how to use it. It is the greatest tool on the earth today with the most potential….and combined with the soul, is beyond this world. We were created for a purpose and that purpose is to realize our full potential and to fulfill the measure of that creation to is greatest.

All I can say is think bigger. If you have an idea, see how far you can take it. Push it until you think you have reached your limitations…..and once there, push it just a little farther. You’ll be completely surprised and also extremely impressed with how things turn out. You have an endless amount of potential within you. All you have to do is open your eyes and have the vision to see it. It’s right there and it always has been. You just have to open your “other” eyes a bit more in order to see it. So don’t just think big…..think much, much bigger.

Goodbye 2009 – Welcome 2010!

January 1st, 2010

I’d like to take time tonight, actually it’s 1:05 am here in beautiful Payson Arizona, to wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. I assume you all are as excited as I am for all the success and prosperity coming your way this year and have already set a plan of action in place to make it happen!

Tonight couldn’t have been better. Knowing that a good portion of the world was out at a party or event, Amy and I spent the evening with those we care for most….our family. We invited Amy’s parents over for games and fun. Our three girls actually managed to stay awake through midnight…..and I’m thinking it might have been all the sugar we allowed them to scarf down all evening! Either that or the opportunity to blow a New Years horn at midnight….. just too much excitement for them to miss out on! Regardless, kicking off 2010 was perfect!

So what do we call it? Twenty ten or two thousand and ten. I’m definitely torn, but whatever it is, I am gearing up for one of the best years ever!

Life is truly good my friends. We are all very blessed….and I look forward to assisting you all as much as I possibly can in reaching your goals of success this year!

Happy New Year from David and Amy Allred at CreateFinancialWealth.com!

Individuals Succeed

December 16th, 2009

You will rarely achieve any degree of significant success by sticking with the masses. Now I know this may be a difficult concept to understand for those of you who are currently in the masses. You might say, “I measure success in a different way you do.” Or, “Just because I choose to work a job doesn’t mean that I am part of someone else’s vision.” Or, “It doesn’t mean that I’m not successful because I choose to work a job.” And those are all valid points, however, there are “Degrees” of success. The success I am speaking of involves more than success in just a few areas of life, but success in ALL areas of life….family, self, business, time, community, religion and the list goes on and on.

The masses, meaning the majority of the worlds population, are living someone else’s vision. That vision includes you, not as the main role, but as an extra in their movie. To truly achieve your dreams, a higher degree of success, everyone else must be the extra in the movie you write. You are the Individual. You are the main character in your own movie. When it all comes down to it, the difference between an “A” or a “C” grate average depends on YOU. The individual.

dodge challenger srt8If you think about all the different components of a car that have to work together to make it work, there are a ton. The main goal of all those car parts is to make a vehicle that works. The vehicle, the car, is it. Everything else is just part of it. I mean, if you want to be the rim, the gas pedal, the steering shaft or the radiator, you can fit into that position very nicely and will probably do a great JOB in making that car work…….but you’ll never be the car. When you get into your car, you don’t say, “Man, I love the radiator, the gas pedal and the rims that make up this car.” No! You say, “Man I love this car!” The car is the thing that exists, and as a component of the car, when you break, you are replaced with a better working part. The car still exists. It was always about the car, not the parts.

Are you getting my point here? Sometimes I feel like I get too thick in the analogies, but I think that’s how my brain understands best. And since my brain works that way, so should yours, right!?

You must, and I say MUST, separate yourself from the actions that seem most common in order to get uncommon results in your life. And the uncommon results, are the successful ones. Very few people ever get the joy of truly accomplishing their goals. Very few people ever live out their dreams. But the people that do, have learned to single themselves out as individuals and have created their own path to follow, their own movie and their own car.

Point blank, individuals succeed. Masses do what they are told!

Rejection is Not Personal

December 15th, 2009

Rejection is not personalWhat is one of the main causes of discouragement for an entrepreneur? Rejection is. Throughout the process of creating success in any given business opportunity lies opportunities for rejection. When you apply for a business loan, you may get rejected. When you out in a quote for a job, they may reject your offer. When you make your sales calls, most likely, you will get rejected before you make a sale. Heck, you will probably get rejected over and over again.

Rejection is not personal

Rejection is a natural part of the process of success in any venture, even in a job setting as well as an entrepreneurial venture. How many job applications and interviews does a person have to go through to find the perfect job? How many “No’s” does an entrepreneur have to sort through to find the yes? That’s the key! The more “no’s,” or rejections you get, the closer you are to the “Yes’s!” In addition to a thought out business plan, a great location, a proven system and a customer base, that’s all business is. It’s the process of sorting through the “no’s” until you find the “Yes.”

Discouragement from rejection comes to entrepreneurs who don’t have a strong enough goal, or vision for where they are headed. Rejection can get monotonous, repetitive and quite annoying. It’s easy to look at rejection as failure. Failure brings a lack of motivation, poor mindset and very little progress. It’s grounds to think about the forbidden “Q” word. QUITTING! Which is why it takes a lot of self motivation and ambition to succeed as an entrepreneur. It’s all on your shoulders, success and failure.

What you have to realize is that rejection is not personal. The person on the other end of the phone line, directly in front of you, behind the application, looking at your product or whatever it may be, may reject your offer because of them, not you. Rejection is something that happens when a person doesn’t understand the value of your product or service in their life. That’s it! They don’t say no because of who you are. It’s not a personal attack. It’s just the process of sorting. Success happens when your product or service finds customers who can see it’s value in their own life. That’s who you are sorting for.

So the more “No’s” you get, the better. You can’t treat every potential customer like they are the only potential buyer you will ever see, as you drool with dollar signs in your eyes. That’s insane. They are either a no or a yes. That’s it. As long as your presentation, display, product or service provides value and is presented properly, you will make the sale. Don’t read into it too deeply. Don’t get your feelings hurt when you encounter rejection because it will happen. Learn from it and move forward until you find that “Yes,” again and again and again. If you can do that, then welcome to Entrepreneurship!

The Absence Of…..

November 16th, 2009

DarknessThis is going to be a topic of common sense that many of you are already aware of. But quite frankly, so many people lack common sense. What seems clear to one might be completely confusing to another.

Many of the terms we use in the English language are simply descriptions for the absence of something or the lack of something. These “terms” are ways to describe things that exist but are not tangible, yet, at times you can see them and feel them and at times these “terms”, if allowed to, can effect your thoughts. Now we all know that thoughts are energy and will eventually turn into action should the thought remain consistently.

Here’s an example: Darkness! It exists. You can see it and one might say that the darkness was so thick you could feel it. I think we would all agree that darkness can definitely effect ones thoughts and actions. I know full grown adults that still will not go out in the dark by themselves to take out the trash. It is something that generates that state if mind that we all know too well, it’s called fear. Darkness restricts movement, vision and ones ability to act normally. So what is darkness? Darkness is simply a term used to describe the absence of light. Light is the measurable factor here. Without it, there is darkness.

Another example: Debt! Debt definitely exists. You can see it in your life and we know that a significant amount of debt can effect ones thoughts and actions. In speaking with people about starting a home business, their main goal is to get out of debt. Debt instills fear in people. Fear of losing their home or not being able to make their bills. If it is bad debt, it restricts people in their ability to live a happy and fulfilled life. But what is debt? Debt is simply the absence of cash flow, or money! With money, debt doesn’t exist.

So here’s my point: A goal to get out of debt is a goal trying to get out of nothing. The real goal is to make money. So set that goal to the amount you desire. Getting out of debt is part of the process. Setting a goal to get out of debt is like saying, “Can you please take away the darkness?” We don’t say that! We just say, “Hey, can you turn on the lights?” The darkness goes away as part of the process.

You can’t take away the darkness without the proper actions and tools. You are required to get your butt up, walk to the switch, flip the switch on and have previously paid your electric bill. It works the same way with debt. Simply wanting to get out of debt won’t work. You’ve got to take the appropriate actions with the correct tools in order to fix your status of being in the “Absense of Money!”

If I can teach you anything, learn this one thing…debt is only the lack of money in your life. So instead of focusing on NOTHING (debt), focus on something. Focus on the things you want AFTER you have created the income that will, along the process, relieve you of the “absence of money.”

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