How Far Can You See?

February 1st, 2010 | No Comments |

How good is your vision? I mean, how far can you really see? Well, the answer to those questions depend on your vision, right? The stronger your eyes, the better you see. It’s a fact. So if I asked you how far you could see, depending on where you are standing the answer would vary. If you were standing in a building, your answer you be “to that wall over there.” If you were standing on the edge of a cliff or a mountain peak, you could literally see for miles and only the curvature of the earth could keep you from seeing farther.

Now most of us can see pretty good with our physical eyes, some better than others. They are what we use to see all that is happening in the here and now. They show us present events. The things right in front of us. Depending on the health of these eyes, these present objects and events can be completely blurry, kind of fuzzy or completely clear. Using glasses, contacts and corrective surgery, we can improve our vision and see more clearly. These eyes have a purpose.

Now, if you plan on making any progress in life or creating any degree of success, you must learn how to use your physical eyes as well as your “other” eyes! We have many different eyes…the eyes of the past are our memories. We can always gaze into our past just as far as we can remember….and there’s a purpose for that. Through these eyes we learn from our mistakes. Hind sight is always 20/20.

The third set of eyes are more abstract. These are the eyes that sense, feel, dream and create. These are the eyes upon which all progress lies. Through these eyes, we can see further than the curvature of the earth or the farthest Galaxy. Through these eyes we can see things that have yet to be created or which don’t even exist. These are the eyes that know, regardless of physical sight, who we are going to become tomorrow, or a year from now. It has always worked that way.

So many people have it backwards. What you see right in front of you should NEVER, and I say NEVER, influence what you have already envisioned to for yourself. So many people live their lives being influenced solely by the present. They move from one job to the next, making zero progress in their lives, and have not learned to use their “other” eyes. They just haven’t exercised them enough to know how to use them. So they keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, because they can’t see farther than that. They can only see as far as their circumstances allow them to. It’s like being in a building, only being able to see to the wall in front, not knowing about the endless universes outside. If these “other” eyes of ours aren’t ever used….they’re going to be blurry.

Just as we can nurture and strengthen our physical eyes to see better in the present, we can also nurture and strengthen our other eyes, and I say “other” because I don’t know any single word that can define their purpose. That exercise is self education, personal development and self mastery. We must realize our true potential and it is then and only then will we realize how far we can really see. It’s an amazing thing and the boundaries are endless.

The power of the human mind is beyond comprehension, if we but learn how to use it. It is the greatest tool on the earth today with the most potential….and combined with the soul, is beyond this world. We were created for a purpose and that purpose is to realize our full potential and to fulfill the measure of that creation to is greatest.

All I can say is think bigger. If you have an idea, see how far you can take it. Push it until you think you have reached your limitations…..and once there, push it just a little farther. You’ll be completely surprised and also extremely impressed with how things turn out. You have an endless amount of potential within you. All you have to do is open your eyes and have the vision to see it. It’s right there and it always has been. You just have to open your “other” eyes a bit more in order to see it. So don’t just think big…..think much, much bigger.

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