A Mobile Home Based Business

December 12th, 2008

When speaking of a Home Based Business, the words “Home Based” are a little misleading. Sure, just having the privilege of working from home over having to go to a job in some other location is enough for most people. I mean, when you work from home you are only so many steps from your refrigerator, so many steps from your bathroom and at home with your family! You will never miss out on anything right?

Well what happens when you have a family event in the middle of the week? What if your family wants to go visit the grandparents for the weekend or maybe even the entire week? What then? You are “home based” right?

I guess it really depends on what kind of Home Based Business you are involved in. Let’s do some reviews of  home based businesses that are more “mobile” than others.

Ebay – Now I am not an Ebay power seller nor will I ever be. Ebay can definitely be a home based business but requires handling and shipping of products, unless of course you do some kind of wholesale distribution. You can set it up to have the manufacturers ship the products for you. All you do is take the orders and collect the profits. But for the most part, an ebay business is “home based.”

Day Care – I only have a few words for this one…..50 kids that are not your own! Definitely “home based!”

Avon, Arbonne, etc – I don’t know much about these businesses and don’t pretend to know, but my mother used to be involved in both of these and she spent most of her time having “make-up” parties at her home, hitting up family and friends, making local visits and hand delivering the product to her customers. So from my experience, “home based.”

MLM/Network Marketing – When you think of a Home Based Business, this is usually the category to search in. These are primarily marketing businesses connected to a wholesale company. Now most MLM companies that I have known require you to pre-purchase your product. Thus, you have a garage full of stuff. On the other hand, there are some MLM opportunities where the wholesale company ships the product direct to your customer. Most of your marketing is done on the internet or over the phone and can be done Internationally. So depending on the opportunity, “mobile!”

Direct Sales – Most direct sales home based businesses have a wholesale company that ships the product for you. You are never required to pre-purchase or warehouse any product. My pick is definitely with Direct Sales mainly because I get paid first. The customer pays me directly, I then pay the wholesale amount to the wholesale company, then they deal with the shipping and customer service. In direct sales, most of your marketing is done online, in newspapers, magazines, etc and can all be done with a phone and a laptop! Direct Sales in brilliant, much more lucrative and definitely “mobile!”

There you have it. Finding a Home Based Business that is mobile is fairly simple and will allow you to experience true freedom to come and go as you please. Take your business with you on vacation, a work trip, while attending a conference, attending family events or where ever it is you decide to go. It’s a beautiful thing when you can take your cash machine with you!

Direct Sales Association

November 1st, 2008

At times I get asked if we are a member of the Direct Sales Association.  I’m sure there are good reasons
for some companies to join….and some companies NOT to join. A colleague of mine sent this to me in an email.

But, right now, I’m glad we’re not a member.

Check out this quote from CNN/Money.com:

About 15 million Americans work in direct marketing, doing such things as
going door to door or hosting product “parties,” according to the Direct Selling
Association (DSA), an industry trade group. DSA spokeswoman Amy Robinson said industry hiring, which declined
1.3% in 2007 and was weak in the first half of the year, has picked up in recent
months – just as the full impact of the financial crisis started to be felt. “This is
what we’re hearing from several of our members,” she said. Direct selling has a low start-up costs, typically between $100 to $200 for a
starter kit. According to DSA, the average yearly income from a direct selling
job is $2,400, or about $200 a month.

“Direct selling isn’t a full-time job,” Robinson said. “It gives you extra money
to go on vacation, get the refrigerator fixed or buy Christmas gifts. It’s about
getting some extra money in the pocket.”



CNN/Money decides to do a feature on the direct sales industry and the
best they can say is that this industry is designed to help people fix their

Sheesh.  How embarrassing.  It’s the best evidence that the DSA is completely
disconnected from what people are looking for from a home business.

Because, I don’t know about you guys….but most of my prospects want $100k+.
They’re not looking for $200 a month to “fix their refrigerator”.

How to create Cash on Demand

February 11th, 2008

We live in a time in which there has never been a greater opportunity to create wealth! I hear people speak about how the economy is slow right now and that things just aren’t going good for them. That is because they believe that. They believe the economy is bad and thus, their results will never be as good as they would have been. There are so many people, in this business opportunity and many many other opportunities that are making a ton of money.

How to create cash on demand

Every morning I have the privilege of listening to a leader in the Direct Sales industry in a 15 minute “wake-up” call. Today, he brought the term up called “Cash on Demand.” Now when I think of cash on demand I think of going to the ATM and getting cash from my bank account. But what if you didn’t have to take that out of your bank account? You could just decide to make $1,000, $5,000, or even $14,000 just by decided to work your business and deposit what you don’t use into your account! That is the kind of cash on demand that I am speaking of. Money that just comes as a result of your decision to play big in your own business.

This income opportunity works just like that. When you make a sale today, you make the money today. Whether it’s the front row tickets at the Suns games you desire, or a week to Miami or Cancun, a diamond ring for your wife on Valentines day, or just a little extra cash, then just work your business another hour today. I mean, a 4 hour work day working from home has got to be pretty rough.

OR, you could always go get another JOB! I sure trust that your level of thinking is beyond trading time for money. The best thing you could do for you and your family, is to stop going to work! Start a profitable business opportunity that can create the kind of cash on demand you know you deserve. Don’t wait around for the crumbs to fall from the table when you can have the whole cake!

The industry of the Home Business is larger than computers!

November 7th, 2006

Are you looking for a legitimate home based business? If you are then you know there are a ton of opportunities to choose from. If you are looking to earn a little extra money, there are several businesses that are home based that can fit that need. But if you are looking to quit your job and make a ton of money, then your options are a little more limited. But you still have some sorting to do to find a home based business that is legitimate that will bring you the type of income or lifestyle that you are looking for. Sorting could take months or even longer. Look no more! This is a legitimate home based business that is proven and creates results.

Do me a favor and go to google and type in the words “Home Based Business.” There are 526 Million results under that keyword. WOW! Now type the word, “computers.” You would think that there would be more listings under computers as they are a huge part in the world of business. That should open your eyes to the potential that lies within a legitimate home based business.

My name is David Allred and I am proud to say that I am a network marketer. I run a very successful home business. I work anywhere from 3-5 hrs a day from the comfort of my own home excluding Friday-Sundays. I am a personal mentor for individuals looking for a legitimate home based business that produces results. I teach you how to follow a very simple business model that has been taught to me by other self-made millionaires and successful entrepreneurs. This is a business of Direct Sales with roots in personal development.

I personally assist you in gathering information regarding this business and what it entails and will aid you in establishing and maintaining a successful home business. I am not going to persuade you or convince you in any way. But I will tell you that I am not looking for everyone. I am looking to work with those who are ready to make a change in their life. I am looking for the truly ambitious individuals who have a burning desire for success who are coachable and can follow a very simple business model.

There are many home businesses that you can choose from, but I have yet to find one as lucrative and effortless as this one. This business is a combination of the industries of personal development and direct sales wrapped up into a legitimate home based business. It is a franchise without all the franchise fees and headaches. It is creating millionaires. It allows you to turn your annual salary into a monthly income and provides you with more time and freedom to live life on your terms.

Be proud of the industry you are in!

October 21st, 2006

Promoting Network Marketing

Be proud of the industry you are in!

Network marketing and direct sales have produced more self-made millionaires than any other industry in the world.

There will always be nay-sayers telling you to stop pursuing your dreams, regardless of the vehicle you choose to achieve them.

By promoting the industry you are in with pride, you will begin attracting other people to your circle of influence who feel good about the industry and people you can collaborate with to create the success you seek.

Here are five reasons to promote network marketing:

1. Network marketing and direct sales have produced more self-made millionaires than any other industry in the world.

2. If you are in this industry, you want to spread the good word about the opportunities available, not fall in with the crowd who is skeptical.

3. You never know who you might “accidentally” find as a teammate or product user simply by positively promoting yourself and the industry.

4. Life is a game of networking, regardless of your vocation. You have the opportunity to meet some of the greatest people in life as a network marketer; people who are in the process of designing a life rather than making a living!

5. Some of the most innovative products on the market are available only through network marketing. Our society deserves to know abo! ut their options to increase their health, wealth and quality of life!

This business creates Millionaires!

October 19th, 2006

You know, there are probably a million ways out there to make a million bucks. Fun ways to make that kind of money and yet there are so many people struggling to get there. There are very few at the top of the ladder while there is a masquerade of people down at the bottom kicking against each other to get to the top.

As you all probably know that the personal development industry is a billion dollar industry. Alot of the “big wigs” in this industry have a ton of good information that can probably change your life forever. They give you all this information, get you all pumped up to conquer the world and then pat you on the back and say “go get em!” But then what? Where do you go from there? How do you get that dream lifestyle you are looking for? There isn’t any kind of a vehicle to take you there.

I am involved in a turnkey business that has been taught to me by other self-made millionaires and entrepreneurs. Instead of giving you a pat on the back and sending you off to figure it out on your own, this business provides not only the personal growth products that will help you think like a millionaire, but also a vehicle to give you the abundance and wealth you are looking for. It has basically paved the road for you. This is a legitimate home based business that allows you to leverage your time so that you can enjoy the important things, and still make a ton of money.

This business truly does create millionaires and allows you to live any lifestyle you desire. I have been part of this community of entrepreneurs for over 18 months now and am blown away with the caliber of individuals that I meet. The support is tremendous and the money is phenominal. So if you have any interest whatsoever in making a ton of money, this is the vehicle to take you there!

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