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December 12th, 2008 | 5 Comments |

When speaking of a Home Based Business, the words “Home Based” are a little misleading. Sure, just having the privilege of working from home over having to go to a job in some other location is enough for most people. I mean, when you work from home you are only so many steps from your refrigerator, so many steps from your bathroom and at home with your family! You will never miss out on anything right?

Well what happens when you have a family event in the middle of the week? What if your family wants to go visit the grandparents for the weekend or maybe even the entire week? What then? You are “home based” right?

I guess it really depends on what kind of Home Based Business you are involved in. Let’s do some reviews of  home based businesses that are more “mobile” than others.

Ebay – Now I am not an Ebay power seller nor will I ever be. Ebay can definitely be a home based business but requires handling and shipping of products, unless of course you do some kind of wholesale distribution. You can set it up to have the manufacturers ship the products for you. All you do is take the orders and collect the profits. But for the most part, an ebay business is “home based.”

Day Care – I only have a few words for this one…..50 kids that are not your own! Definitely “home based!”

Avon, Arbonne, etc – I don’t know much about these businesses and don’t pretend to know, but my mother used to be involved in both of these and she spent most of her time having “make-up” parties at her home, hitting up family and friends, making local visits and hand delivering the product to her customers. So from my experience, “home based.”

MLM/Network Marketing – When you think of a Home Based Business, this is usually the category to search in. These are primarily marketing businesses connected to a wholesale company. Now most MLM companies that I have known require you to pre-purchase your product. Thus, you have a garage full of stuff. On the other hand, there are some MLM opportunities where the wholesale company ships the product direct to your customer. Most of your marketing is done on the internet or over the phone and can be done Internationally. So depending on the opportunity, “mobile!”

Direct Sales – Most direct sales home based businesses have a wholesale company that ships the product for you. You are never required to pre-purchase or warehouse any product. My pick is definitely with Direct Sales mainly because I get paid first. The customer pays me directly, I then pay the wholesale amount to the wholesale company, then they deal with the shipping and customer service. In direct sales, most of your marketing is done online, in newspapers, magazines, etc and can all be done with a phone and a laptop! Direct Sales in brilliant, much more lucrative and definitely “mobile!”

There you have it. Finding a Home Based Business that is mobile is fairly simple and will allow you to experience true freedom to come and go as you please. Take your business with you on vacation, a work trip, while attending a conference, attending family events or where ever it is you decide to go. It’s a beautiful thing when you can take your cash machine with you!

David Allred is the author and creator of CFW. David has been teaching entrepreneur minded people how to earn a full time income working from the comfort of home for nearly a decade.

Think about it. Never miss your kids’ events, set your own schedule, choose your own income and enjoy a lifestyle and income which most people only drool over!

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