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November 1st, 2008 | No Comments |

At times I get asked if we are a member of the Direct Sales Association.  I’m sure there are good reasons
for some companies to join….and some companies NOT to join. A colleague of mine sent this to me in an email.

But, right now, I’m glad we’re not a member.

Check out this quote from CNN/

About 15 million Americans work in direct marketing, doing such things as
going door to door or hosting product “parties,” according to the Direct Selling
Association (DSA), an industry trade group. DSA spokeswoman Amy Robinson said industry hiring, which declined
1.3% in 2007 and was weak in the first half of the year, has picked up in recent
months – just as the full impact of the financial crisis started to be felt. “This is
what we’re hearing from several of our members,” she said. Direct selling has a low start-up costs, typically between $100 to $200 for a
starter kit. According to DSA, the average yearly income from a direct selling
job is $2,400, or about $200 a month.

“Direct selling isn’t a full-time job,” Robinson said. “It gives you extra money
to go on vacation, get the refrigerator fixed or buy Christmas gifts. It’s about
getting some extra money in the pocket.”



CNN/Money decides to do a feature on the direct sales industry and the
best they can say is that this industry is designed to help people fix their

Sheesh.  How embarrassing.  It’s the best evidence that the DSA is completely
disconnected from what people are looking for from a home business.

Because, I don’t know about you guys….but most of my prospects want $100k+.
They’re not looking for $200 a month to “fix their refrigerator”.

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