20 Creative Ways to Advertise Your Home Based Business

August 19th, 2011 | No Comments |

A vital key to success in any home based business opportunity is creative, consistent advertising. So I’ve compiled a list of twenty creative ways to advertise your home based business. Just to spark the left hemisphere the brain…to get you thinking.

  1. Bandit signs
  2. Sticky Notes – They stick to everything. Slap it on and keep walking!
  3. Radio Station Commercials
  4. Water Bottle Labels – Great for races, parades and public events.
  5. Return address labels
  6. Movie Theater ads
  7. Sponsor a sports team
  8. A float in a parade
  9. Tee Shirts or hats with your Business website
  10. Refrigerator magnets
  11. Drop cards disguised as money
  12. Billboards
  13. Vinyl on your car window
  14. Bookmarks – Place in books relevant to your opportunity in book stores.
  15. Custom Pens, nail files, combs, coasters to be left at small businesses.
  16. Free circulation magazines – Real Estate, grocery store mailers etc.
  17. Start a charity fund
  18. Sponsor a highway
  19. Rent a booth at the fair
  20. Hold a raffle

And as a bonus, and not so creative method, Start a blog like this.

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