Your thoughts are not you!

August 3rd, 2007 | No Comments |

Thoughts! What are they and do they effect who you are and who you become? Thoughts are matter. They are energy and are created by your conscious and subconscious mind. They are recollections of past events, people, stories, fiction, fact, you name it and you can think it up. Thoughts are very important however to action. As we all know, any kind of action first must start with a thought. Thoughts lead to actions, actions lead to results. If you look at it that way, that all of our actions are governed by what we think, that makes what we think so much more than just merely a thought. It is a blueprint!

The important thing to realize is that thoughts are not part of you. They are not you nor do they govern you. You still have the free enterprise of choice. You can choose to entertain a thought and force it into action or you can discard it. That is still your option. The trick is to figure that out and realize that you can control what thoughts are you.

For example, in the industry of Direct Sales it is very easy to get discouraged by thinking that you are not having the results you had expected. Now, is that you? Is that who you want to be? Do you want to be a dicouraged person who is not experienciing results in your business, depressed all the time and broke? No! Of course not. So this is where self-disipline comes in. That is just a thought that was followed by a feeling. The longer you allow that feeling to stay, the more it will stick and come back again. Discarding a thought has to be immediate. Do not let it dwell in your mind or your subconscious will start to accept that thought as belief and engrain it into your decision making processes.

Realize now that you are very powerful and in control of your future and who you are. Thoughts are floating amidst the breeze and will come into your mind every second of every day. It is important and vital to your success that you only entertain those thoughts that empower you. That is who you are! Know what thoughts make you…….YOU, and who you want to become.  

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