Your 30 Second Commercial

July 12th, 2011 | No Comments |

One of the most important parts of your ability to succeed in a home based business is found in the way you present your opportunity to others. There are hundreds of different ways to market and promote your business online and offline, but what I have found is that one of the most effective ways is simply living your life on film. I can’t tell you how much success I have had because I choose to whip out my video camera every once in a while.

My wife and I have shot videos in some pretty crazy places and turned them into a 30 second commercial for our home based business. One of the craziest ones we have done was on the steps of the Pantheon in Rome, Italy singing, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” No matter where you are or what you’re doing, someone is going to relate to it, and probably even envy you for being there and doing what you’re doing because they’re stuck behind a desk at that very moment.

My advice to you is to get good at doing a 30 second commercial for the camera. Pictures are great and all, but a brief video showing people who you are and what you’re about will give you more credibility than anything. It’s sometimes even more effective than an actual face-to-face conversation. And it doesn’t always have to be you giving the commercial. It would be best if it was, but you can also get short clips from business partners or current associates that are very effective in getting the message across.

So here’s an idea of what I mean by a 30 second commercial, which you can also find on our testimonials page:

It’s short and simple and extremely effective. In my next post, I’ll show you how to make your 30 second home video into an effective 30 second commercial with Windows Movie Maker.

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