You versus a Hero?

June 23rd, 2009 | No Comments |

Business Opportunity BlogI’d like to do a quick comparison between you and any given hero. I would like to make a comparison between the way you handle yourself, your life, your choices and the way you think. I’m not going to compare the fact that most super heroes can throw cars and break through walls and you can’t. There are many types of heroes in the world, besides the obvious fictional heroes such as superman.

So let’s define a hero:

  • mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability
  • an illustrious warrior
  • man admired for his achievements and noble qualities
  • one that shows great courage
  • the central figure in an event, period, or movement
  • an object of extreme admiration and devotion

Think about what a hero would do when facing a burning building. He doesn’t think, he just acts and he does so in a completely selfless way. Lives are at stake. He trusts his intuition and moves with haste. What does a fictitious hero do when the end of the world is at hand? He looks at himself as the only one with the power to save it. He doesn’t go to the police or other super heroes to take care of it. He takes the responsibility on himself.

Think back to the times when you might have saved your child from falling or actually saved someones life. Did you think much? Did you sit back for a moment to contemplate all the different scenarios or outcomes of the situation? You just acted, right!? Your natural abilities just kicked in and made it happen.

I am sure we can all agree that a hero is someone that succeeds. A hero is a person that is looked up to for their actions. Based on what we have just discussed, a hero is also someone who trusts his immediate “gumption!” When he gets that gut feeling, he knows it is the right thing and he acts on it before it is too late.

Now, let’s reflect a bit on our lives. How have we been acting? Have we been heroic or a little cowardly. Have we been a person of action, trusting in our gut feelings? Have we been confident in making big decisions quickly or did we sit back and contemplate? When things get grim and our lives seem to be upside down, do we turn to others and expect them to bail us out or do we take on that responsibility?

The absolute truth, everyone one of us, has the potential to become a hero. The definition above describes each one of us, if we but choose to act heroic. We were all “endowed with great strength or ability” when were were born into this world. We just have to learn to use it. A “man admired for his achievements and noble qualities” is simply a man who acts instead of contemplates. “One that shows great courage is simply someone that makes decisions quickly and then moves forward with those decisions in a massive way. Believe it or not, we are all “the central figure in an event, period, or movement” in our own lives. We are the main character, or hero, in our own action flick! Sometimes people choose to pass that role to others out of fear of the unknown. Choose to be that central figure! And believe it or not, people are looking for “an object of extreme admiration and devotion” to follow. People look for leaders, heroes in a sense, to show them what is possible in their own lives!

If you are an entrepreneur who is taking action in your own life, you have many of these same qualities. Most people have these heroic qualities but are terrified to use them. They walk around in skepticism of change and a fear of success. The true key to success is to trust your first gut feeling and to follow it up with massive friggin’ action! Through your passion to succeed, your willingness to serve and your God given abilities, your results will be something to look up to. They will be of a leader! So you decide, are you a natural born hero or just a puny little human?

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