You are Expendable to an Employer!

June 18th, 2007 | 2 Comments |

While in the military I learned something about my relationship and my worth to them. I learned that I was just like a bullet with a brain. I was completely and utterly expendable. I could and would be replaced if I were to die. While in flight school, if something were to happen to me, they would have hundreds of others waiting to take my place. The defenitions of expendable are as follows:

  1. Subject to use or consumption: an expendable source.
  2. Not worth salvaging or reusing: expendable rocket boosters.
  3. Not strictly necessary; dispensable: an expendable budget item; expendable personnel.
  4. Open to sacrifice in the interests of gaining an objective, especially a military one: expendable civilian targets.

I really like numbers 2 and 3. Now, I am going to say this to you as well. It is not just the military that operates in this way. Your employers do as well. If you don’t do or perform the way they want you to, there is someone waiting for you to fail just to take your spot….and they all know this. Do you really think they care about you? Do you think they care that you have a family to support? If you are expendable, that means that your family and all that you have worked for is as well.

Let me ask you, have you ever been on a four-wheeler or some kind of ATV? Have you ever been the passenger on one with someone who you didn’t really trust or that made you nervous? I can tell you now that I have a real issue with being the passenger. I just will not trust anyone at the wheel while my life is on the line. Sadly to say, but I have issues with letting my wife drive at certain times while I am the passenger…..and she has a better driving record than I do.

You are expendable to your Employer

Having a job versus being an entrepreneur is the same exact thing. Why would you trust your boss when your whole life is on the line? You can’t trust anyone to take the wheel of your life. By having a boss or an empoyer, you have given the wheel to them and they are driving your life. You may think you have some control but you have none. You are riding along with them into their sunset and their dreams! You may not even realize it as being this way even though I am telling it to you right now. Stop being the passenger and you will find that your life will become more rich and beautiful than you could possible imagine right here, right now. Take control of your life again. Grab hold of the wheel and make your own road of success. You are not expendable to your family and yourself. Realize your potential, and let me show you a vehicle to allow it all to happen!

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