Work from Home……why not?

May 4th, 2007 | 1 Comment |

“Work from home” is a phrase that has taken interest in many ambitious entrepreneur minded individuals throughout the world. The ability to make money working from the comfort of your own home is tremendous. No commute, no boss and the ability to set your own hours. You will find millions, even billions of listings on the internet regarding this key phrase. What is so special or even enticing about working from home? Why have so many people throughout the world abandoned their current corporate jobs and small businesses to start a home based business?


To understand business in general, and more important, the home based business, you must understand what network marketing is and also what networking is. Most “work from home” opportunities are network marketing, meaning, they thrive on new independent distributors getting started. Direct Sales and MLM are two known types of network marketing and vary considerably in their compensation and business structures. MLM opportunities are set up to benefit the people at the top while Direct Sales gives everyone an equal opportunity to generate the same amount of income regardless of time with the company.


All business, whether traditional or “work from home” oriented, are network marketing in some sense. They all require networking. Referrals, word of mouth, reputation and return on investment are all factors in all business types. To work from home actually gives you more leverage on your time due to the fact that you completely eliminate most of the regular stresses of a traditional business.


I have been able to work from home for the past few years as an entrepreneur. The fact that I have complete control over how much income I make and how much I work is priceless to me, and countless others. Coming from a place of both working a job and also running a small, “traditional” style business, I have been on both sides of the table. I have experienced business in the “work from home” scenario as well as out in public. The benefits of working from home are comparable to none.


To compare the “work from home” businesses to other styles, let’s use franchising as an example. In order to get started in a franchise, there is a considerable up-front investment that is required. McDonalds requires your net worth to be at least one million with half of that in liquid assets. Then, to get involved in their franchise you must pay out half a million to a million dollars to get going. On top of the investment, your income potential is still very limited and therefore you must purchase multiple locations to clear a 6-figure plus income. On top of that, you have just bought yourself a job that requires your full time attention and leaves you very little free time. You have employees and overhead to deal with, locations and stores to manage, and really miss out on a lot of what living a financially independent life has to offer.


Imagine the possibility to work from home 3-4 hours a day, only four days a week, with virtually an unlimited income. What would you do with all the extra time you normally wasted while working for someone else or dealing with unnecessary business mechanics? To work from home allows you the freedom to take up hobbies that you may not have had the time for, travel the world with your whole family, start multiple streams of income or just relax and enjoy the freedom. Who wouldn’t say yes to that?


As an independent distributor, not only do I run my own successful enterprise, I also help others to work from home and to start on a path of complete freedom and prosperity. I am involved in a Direct Sales opportunity that involves the Personal Development industry. If you have seen Oprah and many of the talk shows lately, they have been speaking of a movie called, “The Secret.” The Law of Attraction is not a new concept in this business but it is just barely becoming known to the general public. Every successful individual in time has done some sort of personal development to improve their way of thinking.


Work from home and enjoy the benefits of being self-employed and the ability to be in complete control of your day and your level of income. Direct Sales has created more self-made millionaires in the past decade than any other single industry. It is simple, but lucrative. The world has not yet understood the true potential of the “work from home” business model. This business is revolutionizing the “work from home” industry and is heading a title wave of success that is sweeping through the Direct Sales and Personal Development industries. So many people have had such phenomenal success as they work from home but, I believe that we haven’t even seen a fraction of what is to come.

David Allred is the author and creator of CFW. David has been teaching entrepreneur minded people how to earn a full time income working from the comfort of home for nearly a decade.

Think about it. Never miss your kids’ events, set your own schedule, choose your own income and enjoy a lifestyle and income which most people only drool over!

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