Why Not Just Have Both?

March 2nd, 2009 | No Comments |

coke_pepsiThe other day I was having a conversation with an associate of mine about choosing to do one thing or another. It seemed in his mind and set in stone that he could only have one or the other. Having both didn’t seem to be an option. Now, I am sure he visits this site often so I am confident that he will read this post, which is good. I may be a little of on his thought process but am not off at all in a general sense for the rest of you, or the rest of the world.

Where did the mentality of having to choose come from? I mean, if someone has two items they want to buy at the store, usually the thing to do is to pick one and I think we all learned this as children. As I think about it, what do you say to your child as they come running up to you in the store with two pieces of candy in their hands asking if you can buy them both? You say, “pick one,”  right? I know I always do. They have to choose one or the other and having both of them is just not acceptable. Why? Because we don’t want to spoil them or have all their teeth fall out from cavities. The answer is obvious. Kids that get everything they ask for usually aren’t appreciative of the things they already have because they know they can just get more, or get something else. Until they learn the principle of gratitude they can’t have all that they want.

So what do I want? Do I want the Coke or the Pepsi? It’s simple. Get them both. Drink the Coke now and the Pepsi later! I actually like them both. Why do I have to choose which one is better instead of just having them both?

As adults, we have to learn to forget the concept that we can only have one or the other and not both. Now that we are mature we know that we must first be grateful for what we currently have, otherwise we won’t be blessed with more.  We can leave behind this limiting belief. That is exactly what it is. It is a belief that is restricting and limiting in nature. It is telling me that instead of having the ability to get all of my dream, I have to settle for one half or the other. Instead of hitting all of my goals I have to settle, or choose just one.

Know that you have the ability to create anything you desire in this life. Anything! If you want to pay off that credit card and take that vacation, you can have both if you believe you can and take the action to go out and get it. You can have both. You can have all of everything that you want and nobody is going to tell you that you can’t!

Let go of this one little but destructive belief and excel in your enterprise! This is just one of the many empowering principles of the $19 billion industry of Personal Development. I teach ambitious people how to create a mountain of success and wealth in this industry and do it while working from home in their pajamas! Improve yourself, improve your bank account!

David Allred is the author and creator of CFW. David has been teaching entrepreneur minded people how to earn a full time income working from the comfort of home for nearly a decade.

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