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twitterA few posts back I listed 7 tools I use to strengthen my marketing campaign and promised you a more in-depth explanation on each one. So here we go!

Number one on the list was Twitter. For those of you who don’t know what twitter is, it is a micro blogging platform. You know, to be honest, the first time I heard micro blogging, it was like a foreign language to me. What the heck is micro blogging?

Well, the easiest way to describe it: You know what blogging is. Blogging is writing posts like this one, and are kind of lengthy. Micro blogging is the same thing but with shorter posts of a just a few lines. Twitter, allows you to enter 140 characters packed full of useful information, links, etc. Okay, so how the heck is this information useful?

For me, I use twitter in two ways, to Give and to Get. The give is when I send out a tweet, or a micro post, that offers resources and links for my followers. The get is the exact reverse of giving useful information, instead you get useful information. Part of giving information is promoting your product, service, blog, business, etc. If what you offer is of value, you will benefit as will as your followers.

Here are some tools associated with Twitter that you can check out:

  1. TwitterFox – A Firefox plugin that allows you to tweet and receive tweets as you browse.
  2. Twitter grader – Used to find new people to follow, grades your account authority, and provides stats and useful info about your account.
  3. Tweetdeck – A free software that is very useful in organizing your followers and who you are following. You can also type in keywords you may be looking for and have a list of tweets and tweeters who are tweeting those keywords. Very cool!
  4. Tweetlater – Useful for sending automated and delayed tweets to your followers.

Twitter is a very addicting and powerful promoting and learning tool. I have found many uses for it and know you will too. Feel free to connect with me on twitter by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of this post. Also, for more information on how to use Twitter, you may also want to visit

These are just a few of the tools I use and some of the reasons I enjoy twitter. I’d like to hear from you. What are some tools you use with Twitter and some ways you use twitter to promote, learn, or benefit from it?

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