TOPYX – The LMS Software that Truly Works

October 30th, 2013 | Comments Off on TOPYX – The LMS Software that Truly Works |

TOPYX Learning Management System (LMS)If you’re a Father, had a Father or can at least think like a Father for a moment, then you’ll know the answer to this question. What happens to kids when they’re left home alone without anything to keep them occupied?

Common sense right? They go crazy and get into things they’re not supposed to be in.

In my opinion, running a successful company can be a lot like running a successful family. In order to collectively succeed, a few things must exist:

  1. Opportunities to Grow
  2. Organization
  3. Discipline

Which brings me to the topic of this blog post. The best way to integrate those areas into your enterprise is through an LMS, or Learning Management System. Instead of dry erase boards, long meetings and unnecessary training personnel, the right LMS software can streamline your learning and training programs within your organization with an increased ROI.

Personally, I’d recommend TOPYX as the choice for your companies LMS. It’s a social learning management system that has all the necessary tools to get you where you need to be. TOPYX can be completely customized to match your companies brand and has some impressive benefits, such as:

  • One flat fee instead of a per user or bandwidth usage charge.
  • It’s a fully hosted solution, meaning, you won’t need to hire new IT staff to manage an in house software.
  • Ideal for distributed workforces
  • Extend learning to partners and customers
  • Quickly manages your learning requirements
  • Easily integrates with existing systems (API and SSO)
  • Deploys in different languages in one click
  • SCORM certified to handle your content

You can learn more about it’s features on their LMS features page.

Over 10 million users trust TOPYX, and as an award winning LMS solution, it’s designed for organizations of any size. And based from experience, any software program can be weighed by it’s rate of renewal. TOPYX has a renewal rate of over 90%, which means it works well!

In conclusion, if you’re still not convinced, request a FREE LMS demo and see for yourself.

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