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income opportunitiesIn today’s day and age of unemployment, falling wages and financial distress, it’s no wonder that many of us yearn for a little extra dough. Whilst some, when faced with such a need, will take a position at a shop, call center or some other low-income occupation, there are plenty of other ways out there to secure a little extra income without having to be exhausted at the end of the day, especially thanks to the internet. Here are some of our favorite means that’ll afford you a little extra cash!

Provide Services

Making money on the internet is a pretty easy thing to do nowadays, especially if you have skills that are useful to online companies and websites. Blog writing, copywriting, web design, search marketing or even providing customer support can all be conducted quickly and easily from a computer, a great choice for those who have a little spare time on their hands. Sites such as oDesk, PeoplePerHouse and Freelancer are all great portals with which you can find work- get logged in!

Deposit Bonuses

If you put aside a little money each month to have a game or two online, making a little cash in the process, you could double your deposits in a relatively short time span. Gaming sites like Jackpotcity regularly afford players deals in which deposits are matched by the company, giving you heaps more cash to play around with!


Say you’ve got a blog, website or eCommerce site; you could make a steady income by literally doing nothing. Thanks to schemes such as Google’s AdWords, money can be earned by website owners by placing adverts on the site. Whenever a visitor clicks on the ad you’ll earn money, so if you’ve got a decent hit-rate going on your particular site, a nice trickle of income could easily be within your grasp.

Sell Stuff

Like many individuals nowadays, you’ve likely got heaps of items and tat lying around your house that you never use and will likely never need! Make money off all this useless stuff and de-clutter your house in the process by selling it all via eBay, Amazon or another online marketplace. As long as you make sure to do all the sums, factoring in shipping costs and the like, you could quickly be earning a steady little income.

Card Benefits

Lots of cards, be they credit, debit or pre-paid, come with deals and offers bundled alongside. Cash back, where you get back a small amount of money if you purchase things using the card, can be really useful, especially if you were going to buy said items anyway, and many cards also come with travel benefits, prize draws and many other assorted benefits. Shop around providers and find out what freebies you could be entitled to.

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