Three ways to make money!

November 28th, 2006 | No Comments |

In the industry I am in I have the privilege of meeting some inspiring individuals. I always consider myself as a student in life and always on the path to success. I don’t think that it is ever a destination but a gradual process. I learn from the people I mentor. The more I teach the more I learn. The more I assist others in getting what they want, I get what I want.

To get to the point, the three ways to make money are: To work for money, to have money work for you to make more money, or to have someone else work for you to make you money. Which one sounds the easiest? Or which two? One of these is what about 97% of the population does. They work real hard for their money and were probably raised that way. At first, I think that is how we all start out. I mean, most of us aren’t born with a wealthy bank account.

What is your limiting belief that may be holding you back from the fortunes that await you? I know what mine was just a short while ago. Knowledge! Knowledge of who I really am and what potential I have. Knowledge that thoughts are energy and what you think about all day long….you become. If you think you must work hard for your money then you will…..all day long. Your thoughts become your reality.

It seems like it is taking me an eternity to finish this book, “Why we want you to be rich,” by Donald Trump and Robert K. They emphasize over and over that financial education is important. There are ways to have your money work for you to make more money but it requires knowledge. You must know what you are doing. Financial knowledge is the cure for poverty. The more you learn, the richer you become. Even though there may be some mistakes and failures along the way, they are moments of learning.

I am involved in a business that teaches financial knowledge and entrepreneurship. If you desire to make a lot of money and have it make you more money, find a problem, then find a solution to it and you will have the wealth you seek. I discovered, I lacked the knowledge I required to be able to attract riches into my life. I have since changed that through educating myself and know of a solution for those who are ambitious and who think a little differently than the other 97%.

So in conclusion, I believe there should be a balance between the three ways to make money. 10% working for your money, 45% money working for you, and 45% other’s making you money. If you really want to be wealthy, learn how to master this ratio. It’s a hard thought to shed, not having to work hard for your money, isn’t it? I can show you how….

David Allred is the author and creator of CFW. David has been teaching entrepreneur minded people how to earn a full time income working from the comfort of home for nearly a decade.

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