Think the 2008 Market Crash was an Accident? Think again…

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Quick question: What were you doing in 2008?

Were you riding the real estate wave to its peak, or were you busily engaged in other ventures?

As for me, I was heavily invested in real estate when the huge market crash of 2008 happened. It wasn’t a pretty thing. I’ll be honest, I lost a lot of money along side millions of others who were on the real estate bandwagon. Chances are, you might be able to relate.

Still think the market crash of 2008 was just a cycle, or a result of newbie loan specialists giving out loans they shouldn’t have?

Maybe you’re already ahead of me on this one, but allow me to shift your thinking for a bit if you’re not.

Another question: Do you consider yourself a victim of Terrorism?

I recently watched a video of Patrick Byrne, filmed at the University of World Politics, where he presents his views on Economic Warfare as being part of Transnational organized crime.

And before I get into it, let’s take it down and notch and clarify what economic warfare is.

Economic Warfare has a specific and strategic purpose during wartime. That purpose is to capture the enemies critical economic resources in order cause them to be unable to fight the war properly. It’s extremely effective in situations where war requires movement of the entire economy towards the war effort.

In essence, causing damage to the economy of the enemy, directly effects the enemies ability to fight.

An example would be cutting off a military’s supply chain, or capturing oil fields. It’s a sweeping of the feet move. The backbone of a countries military, if you think about it, is in the strength of its economy.

With that said, if you are to cripple a nation such as the United States, would you rather go into a full out military battle with it, or would you try to cripple it first by sweeping its feet.

In Patrick Byrnes lecture, he states that the crash of 2008 was a direct result of Economic Warfare tactics by organized crime groups from around the world. He mentions groups affiliated not only with Italian mafia, but encompassing Russian, Asian, Balkan, Middle Eastern, and African syndicates, specifically mentioning Al Qaeda.

President Obama has also mentioned that transnational organized crime threatens the economy, national security and other interests of the United States.

Areas of target for these crime units can include :

  • penetrating energy and other strategic sectors of our economy
  • corrupting officials
  • exploiting financial institutions nationally and internationally
  • perpetrating sophisticated frauds
  • stock market manipulation
  • providing logistical and other intelligence support for terrorist groups outside the United States

Patrick Byrne states in this video that one of their “sophisticated frauds” was enacted as part of the terrorist affiliation in fraudulent trading and short selling, which led up to the crash of 2008. Certain members of prominent mortgage groups within the United States has ties to mafia and terrorist groups from the middle east and other countries.

It’s a lot to take in, I know. And it’s disturbing to think that the way I do business in the United States can and is being effected by massive organized crime groups from all over the world.

My whole take on this information…..I believe it. I see it on a small scale every day. The sole purpose to many of these groups is to do whatever it takes to rise in power, regardless of what their nationality is. Why not exploit one of the richest countries in the world?

If you haven’t already seen the video, I’ve included it below. It’s a little over an hour long, it’s complex information, but it’s extremely compelling. Once you’ve watched the video, I’d like to hear what you think in the comment section below.

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