There are do-ers and nay-sayers?

February 22nd, 2007 | No Comments |

When Columbus first proposed the idea of the world being round, everyone must have thought he had gone mad. I mean, look in front of you. It is clearly visible that the earth is flat. Most people have been to the ocean, and it really looks that way doesn’t it? After you reach the end, you will fall off the edge of the world. The thought of being able to go completely in a circle around the world and ending up right where you started was outrageous. Who would have known? Sometimes, what your mind tells you it is, isn’t the way it really is.

Columbus, along with many others who have accomplished many great and wonderful things, had to go against what was taught as traditional thinking. He had to let go of that one “huge” limiting belief, that the world was flat and that he would eventually come to the end of the earth. He had to go with his premonition that the world was more than just that. He had to believe that he could sail forever. Otherwise, why would he go? I’m sure people thought he was crazy, that he was going to his failure. I’m sure he was popular with few and thought of as a fool to many.

But you know what, he was a do-er. He visualized something greater than most. He saw the bigger picture and was thinking outside of the box. I have seen so many take the advice of the nay-sayers, the ones who never accomplish much in their lifetime due to their lack of vision. They jump on the bandwagon and follow the advice of the majority. I’ll tell you what, if I had followed the advice of the majority when I got started in this opportunity, I would still be working a JOB for a wage and stuck in a life of misery.

3% of the world actually live this concept of being the do-ers. They think outside the box, go with their own gut feeling, they discover a new world out there and live a life of prosperity and abundance. So the next time someone tells you that you will fail at your dreams, leave them thinking the world is flat, because that is where they will stay. The the truth of reality is, there is so much more than what is really right in front of your face!

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