The World is a Crab Pod!

October 5th, 2007 | No Comments |

Have you ever wondered how people catch crabs? Well, I never really did! I have however heard of how dangerous it is. If you have ever seen a crab pod or at least a picture of one, it is basically a big wire or rope cage with a hole in the top of it. The hole is pretty good sized as well! Now, what they do is they put bait inside the pod, drop it to the bottom of the ocean and wait for the crabs to crawl inside to get the bait. Now, I’ve never been fishing for crabs but I have been fishing for fish and had crawdads all over my bait as soon as it hits the bottom of the lake. It never fails!

So, the crabs will smell out the bait, crawl around the pod until they find the opening on the top, go inside the pod and start feasting on the bait. Well, more and more crabs start to come, of course, because they smell the bait and want a piece as well. Once the bait is gone, the crabs start to crawl out of the pod, but something happens inside the cage as they all, at once, start to climb out. When the ones that started to climb out first are close to getting to the top of the pod and to freedom, another crab from below will try to climb on that crabs back and will literally pull it back into the pod. As one starts to get higher, there is another crab crawling all over it to get to the top and they all end up falling back into the pod. The crabs will never get out of their captivity because they lack the capacity to work together, plus, they haven’t the slightest idea that they are all about to become a dinner plate.

I can’t tell you how many times some other crab in the crab pod has told my wife and I that we could not succeed! We would hear over and over again how we should give ourselves a backdoor, a date to quit! We have crabs from the pod who despise us because we drive nice cars, live in a big house, have money to spend freely, and have true joy because they lack the capacity to go and get it themselves. How many of you have listened to the other crabs in the pod or have been pulled back into captivity before? If you have been pulled down by another person, it is not because they care about you. It is because they are selfish, and wish their misery upon you. It kills the unsuccessful to see people succeed right in front of their faces. They want you back in the pod because it makes them feel better about themselves. They would rather see you fail then be alone in their lack of action.

I urge you… not become part of the pod of suicidal crabs. Find a way out of that pod and then reach back in and help as many who are willing to get out as well. Do not listen to those who would belittle your ambitions and your dreams, they are the ones that are trying to crawl on your back to pull you back down. Know where you are and where you deserve to be in life, in finances and in your family. Only a few crabs will ever escape from the crab pod. Let that one be you!

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