The True Power of Your Thoughts

April 13th, 2009 | No Comments |

jungle pathThoughts are very interesting and very powerful things. If you truly understood the effect they can have on your life’s destination, you would beĀ  extremely conscious of which thoughts you entertain and which ones you quickly discard. Every thought you have either changes the current path you are on or completely makes a new one. I want you all to really understand that, so I will repeat it once again. Every thought you have either changes the current path you are on or completely leaves that path to make a new one.

Those who really understand the power of a thought know that by thinking a certain way, they are choosing a certain path. Thoughts can be recorded and used, in a sense, as a compass. Now this compass will point you in a certain direction, but this compass does not have a true north. It’s more like the compass Jack Sparrow uses in “Pirates of the Caribbean.” It only points the way to what you most desire in this world.

So is it fair to say that the things you think about all day long are the things you desire the most? I don’t think that statement is entirely accurate. Thoughts can be influenced by so many different circumstances, whether interior or exterior. People get into a rut, or can’t seem to break free from struggle because they just haven’t learned to control which thoughts they entertain. Thus, they just entertain nearly every thought that pops into their head, sending them spinning through life out of control, jumping from one path to the next completely at the whim of thoughts that do not serve them.

Here’s an example: Picture yourself standing in front of a thick jungle. There is no way to get through this jungle unless a path is created. Just in front of you you see a path that has been well traveled by. It seems like the easiest path to travel by as many have gone that way before. Sometimes, the easiest is not always the best choice, especially in the middle of a jungle. Predators know this path as well. They wait towards the end to find their prey. Danger lurks on this path. So you decide to change your path by taking out your machete, hacking away at the vines and jungle growth, creating your own path. You are in complete control of your direction. When a vine comes along, you can choose to allow it to deter you or you can just hack your way through, heading in the same direction.

At times is seems that just entertaining every thought that comes into your mind is the easiest way to go. It is the path that is most traveled by. I mean, it won’t effect your destination in the end right? It’s just a thought! Wrong! Entertaining every thought is like having a fruit salad with Salsa, Guacamole, peanut butter and jelly, chocolate, ketchup and and a big cup of mustard. It just doesn’t go together and quite frankly, just ain’t right! Eat that salad and you will likely end up in the hospital. The easiest decision may or may not end up being the easiest decision in the long run, as you usually pay for your decision later.

Learn to take out your machete and hack away at the thoughts that don’t serve you and stand as an obstacle on your chosen path. By learning this one simple discipline, you can literally change your course and ultimately change your world. If a thought does not serve you or move you closer to your most desired destination, replace it or discard it immediately. If you don’t like it, hack it away and move forward without it. It does not own you, it’s just a thought placed there by one of many sources. Sources that are not based within your own heart. Learn to discern between those that are and those that aren’t. It becomes easier with practice. I promise!

I truly hope you understand how simple it can be to veer off course and how simple it also can be to change your course. Just think your way there by controlling or choosing your thoughts. Then the saying, “Change your thoughts, change your world,” is a real thing. You truly do have complete control. You wonder why we only are able to use one third of our brain capacity? If most of the human race can’t even learn to master the third, how will it ever learn to master the other two thirds. Know your potential, and then choose it to be so!

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