The Success Highway

December 18th, 2008 | No Comments |

success highwayHere’s a question for you to think about: Have you ever been in a hurry to get somewhere and it seems like all the slow drivers in the world just happen to be driving that day? I mean, these drivers don’t seem to be going slow just because you are going fast. I mean these guys are going like 15-10 mph under the speed limit. Does that ever happen to you? It happens to me all the time! Maybe that just means I should leave the house a few minutes earlier, but that’s beside the point!

The other day, we were in a hurry to go somewhere and there was a guy going 20 mph in a 35mph zone. We were also in a semi-residential area and so I was also in a no passing zone. Well, being a man, driving a Hummer, all that power under the hood, I saw a clearing and I went! I had an objective, a place to be, a purpose and it seemed as though this other driver was just lolly-gagging around, taking his sweet time, with no destination or sense of time whatsoever.

So I gunned it and as we were passing him, he turned and flipped the bird, was yelling at his own window and we could tell that he was obviously a little upset. He must not have liked the fact that we were passing him up and that we had somewhere to be. So we drove on and arrived at our destination just a few minutes early, just like we had planned! Had we continued to follow this other driver, we would probably have been late as the no-passing zone went on for a few more miles.

Success Highway

Lesson: This is a parable or a comparison to the journey of success. Here are a few points that I would like to bring out.

  1. Those without a destination, a goal, a vision or a passion will always get passed up by those who do!
  2. Those without a time frame connected to their goals, destinations, visions, or passions will take forever to get there, if they ever do! Never, ever, ever feel guilty for passing up someone standing still. There is no such thing. You are either moving forward or backward!
  3. Adversity is always there. Challenges will arise on your journey. No-passing zones, speed limits and slow drivers will always be there. True success is achieved in the midst of all adversity.
  4. Those with a premeditated destination and a plan of action to arrive there will take the necessary action to arrive there, regardless!
  5. The ones who are left in the dust, the quitters, the unsuccessful and the nay-sayers will always despise you for your success and your accomplishments. It is just something that is going to happen. Accept it, but don’t dwell on it. That is their problem. Help those who can help themselves has been my philosophy when it comes to starting a business!
  6. Put the pedal to the medal and go for it!!

So, fellow associates, welcome to the success highway! Gun it, put your pedal to the metal and reap the rewards!

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