The Secret

November 17th, 2006 | 2 Comments |

Believe it or not but I just finished watching the movie “The Secret last night. What a fantastic show man. I may have to watch it a few times to grasp all of the information. For any of you that haven’t watched that movie, get it and watch it. You will go throughout life in a completely different manner.

The Secret is basically something that all of the leaders in the world have known but somehow hid from the rest of the population. If everyone were to know this information then they wouldn’t have been as powerful in some cases. And it all makes sense to me. Of course people of power would not let it out because they desired to submit everyone else.

The Secret is “The Law of Attraction.” What we put out there in our thoughts, feelings, and actions will come back to us a materialize. I spoke of this in my last blog a little that thought and knowledge are energy. We are energy. That energy is released into the universe and the universe has no choice but to grant our desire. Think about some of the stories that you have heard about. Even children’s stories. Let’s take Aladin for example: Of course when Aladin rubs the lamp a great and powerful Genie appears and grants him 3 wishes. It speaks about this in The Secret. They traced the tale back to the beginning and there were actually unlimited wishes. But the genie replies with “Your wish is my command.” Aladin was putting his focussed thoughts out there and the universe was responding and granting his desires.

I have what I call my goal board in front of me and also behind me on the wall in my office. On that goal board I have some of the things that I desire. I have them either written down or an actual piture is up there. I focus on them every day and know that they will come. I have seen it already with a few of them. It is amazing to me how powerful focussed and consistent thought can be. Whatever you have in your life right now, you attracted and actually created it. When I came to accept that and applied my thoughts to attracting what I wanted, my life completely changed.

I once had a boss who was always worried about his business falling apart. He would always think that his employees were dishonest and were out to get him. It consumed his thoughts and you could see it in his actions as well with the way he treated people and the things that he owned. He went from having over 50 employees, 5 locations, and a distributorship down to less than 10 employees and one location. He didn’t necessarily attract the dishonest people but had the thought in his mind that he couldn’t trust anyone. So he basically closed down his own business.

If it is prosperity and abundance that you seek, get clear about it to where you can see it happening. Refer to it as already happening and focus on what you want. The last part is receiving. You must be willing and ready to receive what the universe is granting you. Be aware and watch for opportunities that are placed before you. There aren’t any kind of time constraints on receiving what you desire but you must be ready to take hold on it and grasp it before the opportunity is gone. It will present itself but you must be ready to receive it. So when it comes to what you want, if you focus your thoughts and energy towards it, the universe will answer. Just be ready to receive.

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