The Reasons Some Careers Require Continuing Education

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Continuing education refers to additional formal learning activities where adults return to formal instruction, not just to earn a college degree, but also to stay current with the latest skills, developments, laws, technologies, or develop a personal interest in their field of work. The adults who take up continuing education already have an education before joining this program.

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There are some careers where continuing education is mandatory, where the program may consist of an entire program or a few courses, that one can either enroll for on-campus, online, or other locations. Continuing education is not only important in keeping up with the competition and modern developments in the industry, maintaining membership and certification, but also in keeping up with the law changes.


Some of the careers that require one to enroll for continuing education include law, real estate, education, medical field, construction, engineering, among others, and the members receive accreditation from the relevant bodies. For example, for emergency responders looking to take an EMT refresher course or their EMT basic recertification online, offers an NREMT refresher and provides convenient certification solutions that fit their schedule.

Although these programs are mandatory, some are entirely voluntary. This is because many of the programs are for personal development and without accreditation. However, the courses that are a condition for one to maintain the licensure, employment, or certification must be accredited. It is important to always verify if the course is accredited and if the offering agency is recognized before signing up with them.

5 Types of Continuing Educational Programs

College degrees and credits – Those working adults who wish to further their education as their current positions require of them, can enroll for a degree course or college credits, and continue with the classes either online, at night, on weekends, or part-time.

Initial job orientation – When one starts a new job, there are orientation sessions that are prepared by the employer to get them acquainted with information about their new job, tasks required of them, and the institution in general.

Occupational licensure and certification – Certifications and licenses ensure that workers keep abreast of the latest regulations, techniques, and technologies that pertain to their career. For these professionals to earn credentials, they are required to pass some standardized tests.

Professional development – Under professional development, adults attend seminars, workshops, and courses, that are meant to teach them ways to improve their workplace efficiency and communication.

Personal enrichment – As an adult, you can opt to take some classes for fun, learn new things about a certain topic, or learn more about a hobby. The topics can range from art, fitness, cooking, retirement planning, or setting goals on paying off debts. Name it. The lessons do not need accrediting; they are meant to develop you as a person.

Why Is Continuing Education Important?

Prepares you for a career transition

The first step in making a career transition involves gaining an education that will prepare and qualify you for the new career path. Some professions require specific skills, training, and qualifications, without which you cannot qualify or move up your career.

Improves your image and marketability

To qualify for some jobs, even when you meet the minimum qualifications, additional education determines how competitively you fair against the other applicants. This is especially true if the training offers you an insight into the current industry trend and skills.

Increases your chances of getting a promotion and pay raise

Many employers recognize the effort and investment that goes into improving oneself through education and reward the same with promotions. New education qualifies one for advanced work, more tasks, and responsibilities, as it may give one specific knowledge on the job, and how to do it better, hence deserving of a promotion. A promotion in turn comes with a pay increase, as advanced education of any kind comes with an increase in the income level.

Improves your personal development and lifestyle

Learning ought to be a lifelong process, and devoting your time to continue with education is a worthy journey to self-development. Should you be dissatisfied with your lifestyle and wish to make more money, or switch jobs to a more satisfying one, continuing education is one of the channels to help you accomplish your goal, a push towards that lifestyle you always wanted.

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