The Potato Farmer and the Apple Orchard

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This is a great explanation of an entrepreneur who merely survives compared to an entrepreneur who thrives! There is a huge difference. So as you read this analogy, take a personal inventory and think of which entrepreneur you are being. The results in your life will reflect it!

The Potato Farmer and the Apple Orchard

Some time ago there were two neighbors who lived out in the country. Both of these farmers owned a considerable amount of land and wanted to do something with the land to support their families with. One man decided to turn his land into a potato farm and the other planted an apple orchard. Both of these men were very hard workers and were out tending their crop daily. They did this for the entire year and come harvest time, the potato farmer harvested his crop, took it to town and made enough to support his family until it was time to start planting again. Then he would start the whole process over again.

On the other hand, the apple farmers orchard had yet to produce any fruit to harvest. The trees were still too young and would need more time to mature.

One year goes by and the same story stood true. The potato farmer harvested his potatoes once again and was able to support his family for the remainder of the year while the apple orchard had no fruit to harvest. The farmer of the apple orchard still continued to nurture his trees preparing for the time that he could reap his rewards.

Several years pass by in the same manner and finally, as the potato farmer was harvesting his crop as he did every year, the apple orchard produced it’s first year of fruit. The apples were harvested and were sold. Both farmers were able to support their families for the rest of that year.

Now, when it came time to start planting for the next crop season, the potato farmer got to work on his fields while the apple farmer watched him. You see, the apple orchard will continue to produce fruit year after year after year with very little effort from the farmer. He won’t have to replant the his crop every year but will instead enjoy the fruits of his labor for many years ahead. A few years of hard work will support him for the rest of his life while the potato farmer is still laboring away in his fields.

There is a word called leverage that every Entrepreneur should become familiar with. The leverage I speak of is TIME. When you learn to increase your profits without increasing your work hours, then you have discovered the true way to accrue serious wealth in your business and in your life.

So create an apple orchard, not a potato farm!

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