The Lottery Retirement Plan

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Just the other day my brother had asked me to help him move. While we were in the midst moving, of course his neighbors would come by to say goodbye to him. Well, somehow the subject turned to my Hummer as it sometimes does. They were looking into how much one would cost them. They decided that a brand new one was way out of their price range and that they would have to look for a used one. A new Hummer can cost right around $65k. Not too bad in my opinion. The gentleman went on and said that buying a hummer would use up all of his retirement plan and then he would still have to come up with $30k more. Then he said, “We’ll just have to win the lottery to be able to get one of those. That’s my retirement plan!”

The Lottery Retirement Plan

How many people have this kind of mentality, ‘The only way to have nice things and to become wealthy is to be handed money by the luck of the draw.’ Becoming rich is obviously not the easiest thing to do otherwise everyone would be rich. Right? Going back to some statistics for a second……90% of people expect someone to take care of them and give them handouts. Whether is be the government, their employer or family, most people expect to be taken care of. Only a small percentage of the population really embrace the principle of self-reliance. If they are going to have food on the table, then they have to get out there and make it happen. If they don’t, they won’t eat!

So if you are one of those people who are waiting on the lottery to make you wealthy, you will be waiting probably for the rest of your life. Wealth is yours if you learn but a few simple principles. The most important one being you are the only one responsible for your results in life. Take ownership in that and stop relying on the lottery mentality to create success for you. It won’t happen!

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