The Lid Doesn’t Exist!

March 23rd, 2009 | 1 Comment |

fleaWhile attending church with my sisters family this past weekend I heard a cool experiment in a talk that was given. It is amazing what you can learn when you actually pay attention! I can hear stories or experiences that I have heard once before but take away an entirely different meaning the second time around.

The experiment was done with fleas. Yes, fleas. Now, I want you to compare yourself to the fleas in this experiment. The person doing this experiment, caught a bunch of these fleas and put them in a tall container. As he watched this container, he noticed that the fleas would just jump right out of the top. I mean, there is nothing holding them in there, why not?

So during the next step of his experiment he put a lid on the container and then once again, observed the fleas. At first, the fleas would jump high enough to get out just as before the lid was put on the container and would bounce off the lid and fall back down. After a while of bouncing off the lid, the fleas started jumping just high enough to avoid smashing against the lid. So the fleas had learned not to jump as high.

In the next step, he decided to remove the lid from the container, and found that the fleas would still only jump as high as the lid. They weren’t jumping out of the container any more even though there was nothing holding them in.

Guys, I was once a flea. I was trained and educated to think that I had a lid placed above my head that prohibited my growth and what I though was possible. The sad thing was….this lid didn’t really exist. I just allowed myself to believe it did. Just because I was raised in a farming community did not mean that I had to become a farmer. Just because someone is raised in the ‘hood’ does not mean that he will or even has to remain in the ‘hood’.

You see we all have these imaginary lids in our lives that only exist in our minds. When you hear of the saying, “think outside of the box,” it just means realizing that there is no lid. There is only a boundless amount of opportunity and potential. The only thing holding you back is your vision for your own future. If your vision or belief only gets to the top of the container, then you may be stuck in that container for a very long time, or until you learn what else exists outside of the container.

It is amazing to see the difference it makes in someone elses life when they truly realize that their true potential is limitless and without end!

There is no lid, there is only you and your belief of what you are capable of!

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