The Law of Attraction and Be-Do-Have!

February 14th, 2007 | 3 Comments |

The Law of attraction and the Be-Do-Have (BHD) principle are as close as you can get to being one and the same concept. The law of attraction, of course, is the art of attracting the things you want in your life by your thoughts and actions. It is a force that is in existence whether believed in or not. What you put your focus and energy to eventually materializes or presents itself with an opportunity. What you think about, happens.

Be the person you want to be, do the things they would do, and have the things that person would have. The most important step is the first. Too many people try to do this principle in reverse. It does not work out that way. I once heard a quote and I will attempt to paraphrase it: I pity the man who became a millionaire but wasn’t one already. A man who is given a dollar, and turns that dollar into profit, is the one who has this process in order.

Thus, in order to be the person you intend to be, it must first begin with you. You must change your thought process to the way you must think to get your desired goal. When you put enough of your focus and energy toward what you want, you will take the actions to get it and then eventually have it.

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