The Hike of Success

September 22nd, 2009 | No Comments |

The HikeThe other day I decided to hike a mountain I have been wanting to climb for a very long time. From where I was looking, there rested a small stone on the very top that I could see myself sitting on. Well, later on I found out it was more like the size of a small house! It was the highest point in the nearby area and I was set out accomplish my goal. It was around 9:30 am when I started the hike and I finished at around noon. Just me, my bottle of water and my thirst for adventure.

I reached the top of the mountain, looked around at the beauty that surrounded me and yelled at the top of my lungs, “Whoohoo!” The echo was amazing! If you think I’m strange, you may be right! I then sat down to empty my shoes of all the pebbles and dirt and just sat there soaking up my success! There was a slight breeze coming from the north east and no one but me and my thoughts. Talk about the ultimate place to visualize!

The longer I sat there, I started to notice a fan club of buzzards starting to build up overhead. At first there were only a few, then more started coming and by the time I decided to head back down the mountain, there were twelve. I could feel their desire for me to fall and die so that they could fulfill their purpose in life, scavenge!

Isn’t this just like our hike to success? The hike itself is where all the victory comes from. The harder the hike the stronger I become. There are obstacles to face, delays, hardship, smooth sailing, jumps, falls and many other things along the way that are all just part of the hike. Unless I had my goal of reaching that little house-like rock on the top, I might have given up after the first few “close calls” or rough spots. And the real treat is that once you have done it, it’s easier to do it again and again. Duplication and consistency are the keys to success in any industry. Sure, anybody can makeĀ  a sale…but can you do it over and over again, consistently.

Once you are at the top, there are always an abundance of those who are just waiting for you to slip up and fail so that they can feed off your scraps. It is their calling in life. The ratio is actually less than that of the buzzards. It is more like three to 5 out of one hundred! But the scavengers are always around….the ones who wish for your failure that tell you to quit. We as humans are still part of the animal kingdom. Why would things be any different for us? The buzzards are always there.

Regardless of opposition, the passionate and determined will always win. At times while on that hike, I lost site of the goal because I was too focused on the obstacles at hand. I simply had to step back, look up, and as I did, I realized I was a lot closer than I thought I was.

Guys, you are a lot closer to your goal than you really think you are. Trust me on this one. Five years ago, it was inconceivable to think that I could work three hours a day from home and make more income in a month than I had ever made in a year…….but I was a lot closer than I thought. Enjoy the hike, keep your eye off the obstacles and fixed on the goal.

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