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February 14th, 2009 | No Comments |

persistenceI was up late last night watching some college basketball, ASU vs Oregon if you were wondering. Usually I just mute the TV during commercials as they are usually way too loud and most of the time are very annoying! I spaced out during this particular commercial break and saw a commercial that was very inspirational. It had a great message to it. There was no “Buy this now!” or ” We are the best in the world!” It was just a good and inspirational message.

It started out showing a couple sitting at a concert. Well, they suddenly realized he wasn’t with them and they both frantically started looking around a bit until they heard the piano playing on stage only to see their son playing a childhood song. Well, the guy they all came to watch came out on stage, snuck up behind the boy and whispered “Keep Playing” in his ear. He then reached around him a did his thing around the little boys playing and it turned out great. They both finished and then took a bow to the applauding audience.

It ended with the word across the screen, INSPIRATION!

It was a commercial by “The Foundation for a Better Life.” This is definitely a site to check out. Watch a few of their videos and subscribe to their daily quotes. It’s a great find!

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